A simple way that will help sharpen the meat grinder at home, without special tools

In order for your mechanical or electric meat grinder to work again as a new one, it is not necessary to give the knives for grinding. You can do it yourself with the simplest tools.

You will need:

  • Bar for sharpening knives (can be replaced with emery paper);
  • water;
  • kitchen sponge;
  • towel

To begin, disassemble the grinder and thoroughly wash all its parts. You need to sharpen both the knife and the grill.

Inspect the knives for chips and chinks - these places need to be given special attention.

We take a grindstone (or an ordinary wooden block with sandpaper wrapped around it).

Using a clean sponge, we moisten the stone with water.

Begin sharpening: to do this, gently press on the blade, holding them on a wet bar.

If sandpaper is used instead of a bar, choose the finest grain.

Cut the desired piece so as not to crush the entire sheet.

You can fix it around the bar with a stapler.

You can moisten the knife itself with water. Lattice is sharpened in circular motions.

Continue the procedure until the appearance on the metal shine.

Wipe with a towel to remove metal dust.

The appearance of the knives will tell you when you can finish. If you perform this procedure on a regular basis, it will take a few minutes.

Test the result on paper. If necessary, repeat the entire procedure.

Rinse the knives well under running water to remove metal chips.

You can start working!

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