A simple way to remove a dent without painting

This is the simplest technology that contains absolutely no scarce parts or tools that would have to be bought or ordered. We need only two things that can be found without problems in any garage. This is an unnecessary valve and a gun with hot glue. And you can do without a pistol, melt the glue in another way.

How to remove a dent in a car?

And so, let's begin. Inspect the dent. We need to find the middle of this dent. Once this is done, take an unnecessary valve (if you don’t have one, ask your neighbor) and degrease with alcohol or gasoline.
A simple way to remove a dent without painting
Then we apply hot glue to the valve head. If you only have glue without a gun, then heat the valve with a gas torch and spread the glue. Glue the valve in the middle of the dent. We hold the hand for a few seconds, wait for the glue to seize.Let go and wait another 3-5 minutes until it cools and hardens.
The easy way to remove a dent without painting
A simple way to remove a dent without painting
Next, so that the valve axis does not slip out of hand, take it with a rag or in mittens. And with effort we pull in the opposite direction from the dent. Rather, even jerking. Since the dent has an internal stress, it strives to straighten itself, but the tension forces are not enough, and in this way we help send back to the normal state and relieve this stress.

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