A soft plush souvenir decorated with a rose

plush souvenir
Materials that are used in the work on the gift:
  • a little red plush.
  • a needle and thread.
  • Moment glue.
  • scissors.
  • thick white thread.
  • small beads on thread.
  • brocade ribbon 0.6 cm wide.
  • medium-sized mother-of-pearl beads.
  • rhinestone braid.
  • plastic leaves of red and silver color.
  • plastic suede with glitters 2 mm thick.
  • iron.
  • h cleaner.
  • filler for the heart.
Let's start making the heart. From the fabric, we cut out two details of the desired shape with a size of 7 x 9 cm. And we sew it with a needle with a thread with small stitches, leaving a hole for inversion. And when the heart is turned on the front side, it is necessary to fill it through this segment and carefully sew it up. The density of the toy should not be very soft. And if you wish, you can additionally embroider the words: “I love you.”
 plush souvenir
Now we turn to the decoration of the heart itself.Cut off 5 strips of thick white thread, fasten the beads on one edge of each segment. You just need to make a knot, grease it with glue and stretch the beads inside. Then thread these 5 blanks with a free edge through the larger bead. Next, we determine the length of all five threads, it is desirable to arrange them at different heights. And then we tie a common knot, which is also glued already in a large bead. All this design is securely fastened on the sharp lower part of the heart.
 plush souvenir
Now with two strips of rhinestones on the braid we close the seam on a plush base, starting from a large mother-of-pearl detail.
plush souvenir Then we continue to decorate the upper part of the heart. From the brocade we collect a small bunch of curls and fasten it with a thread, with which we sew it to the chosen place.
 plush souvenir
Next to you add a folded figure eight of small beads on a string. Good glue.
plush souvenir
But the decorative shiny leaves will need to be sewn with thread.We arrange them from different sides of the resulting center of the decoration.
 plush souvenir
 plush souvenir
It remains to add only a beautiful rose. And we will begin to do it with the preparation of the pattern of petals. Based on circles with a diameter of 7 and 8 cm, we draw three petals with a common center.
Cut out the patterns and apply to the wrong side of the selected plastic suede. Toothpick outlines the contours and cut out two flap circles of different sizes.
 plush souvenir
Now turn on the iron for more power, as the suede is 2 mm thick. Heat treatment will be done separately for each part of the petal circle. We apply the detail to the iron with the seamy side, and as soon as the material begins to shrink, we remove it. And with your fingers we make a new form. With one finger, press the middle of the front side. And with the other hand, with two fingers, press down on the wrong side of the upper edge of the petal, press it over the finger on the front side.It turns out a strong interesting bend.
plush souvenir
This way we process all parts of the blanks. We warm the material thinly and make a new shape with our fingers.
 plush souvenir
We have 4 such blanks.
 plush souvenir
Now you can proceed to assembling roses. For the middle of the flower we take a small piece of suede, which was when cutting parts. We glue it into a tube and fasten it to the middle of a smaller petal circle.
 plush souvenir
It remains to glue 3 petals to the resulting center, positioning in a spiral. The first row is glued.
 plush souvenir
The second row will be another small detail that we glue in staggered order relative to the first.
>img src="https://sdelaysam-svoimirukami.ru/images/19/116-plyushevyy-suvenir.jpg" alt="plush souvenir" title="plush souvenir">
Big two parts so we also have a beautiful turn for a rose.
plush souvenir
And when the flower is ready it It should be securely fixed in the center of the cooked jewelry on the heart.The souvenir for lovers is ready.
plush souvenir
Good luck to all!

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