A woman with a taste of happiness: how to become

What is the most attractive in a woman, according to men? Our expert Alexey Skurikhin tells.
Alexey is a trainer in the field of relationships, the author of the course “Family Fundamentals”, a happy husband and father of two sons.
Alexey Skurikhin

How to become such a woman? And, it is very important how to stay? Tell your story.

When I met my wife, she was so happy. Her eyes glowed. Why are there eyes, she was all as if glowing from the inside. Could I not fly to such a light? And when our relationship began in earnest, I promised myself that I would do everything so that this happiness in it would be preserved and multiplied. A happy woman is very "tasty."

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So what made my future wife shine? What was happening in her life at the time of our meeting?

1. She was learning.

2. She watched her appearance and nutrition.

3. She dressed simply, but with a twist.

4. She did not hurry, but waited for “the very one” (which I wanted to become).

5. She enjoyed every moment of her life.

6She had many friends. In a word, she was already well.

An excellent checklist to attract men, right? But here we go to another point: how not to lose it all in the course of family life? And then it's time to voice one of the secrets of female happiness:Choose a man correctly! ⠀

1. Such that he sees this energy of happiness in you and appreciates it. ⠀

2. So that he is willing and able to help you stay happy. ⠀

3. Happiness, of course, will already be another, family, this is a new stage, much steeper, if the happiness is real.

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And how to choose "your" person? Here is a step-by-step plan for a good choice:

1. Understand what you want

“I want to be with him because I love him” - will bring problems. “I want a family with him” - not specifically enough, families are different. “He will be a good father” - in this case, you will divorce after the birth of children. The goal is short. We'll have to find something more interesting.

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