A wonderful and budgetary piece of gypsum will decorate your garden

Kashpo in the shape of a swan - an amazing decoration for your site. In it, you can plant the plants and put it in the garden to additionally decorate it. It seems that this form will be very difficult to repeat, but, as they say, the eyes are afraid, they make their hands. Follow all the instructions below and you will get a budget, beautiful and incredible piece of jewelry!

For a gypsum swan planter you will need:

  • gypsum;
  • stationery knife;
  • pliers;
  • brush;
  • 5-liter plastic bottle;
  • paints;
  • bandage;
  • The old grill from the barbecue (or something similar), piece of iron;
  • varnish.

Let's get to work:

1. Mix the gypsum according to the instructions. Cut the side of the bottle with a knife, fill the container with sand, so that later it will not bend under the weight of the gypsum.

Form the neck with pliers. It is not necessary to achieve perfect bends - the gypsum will later correct irregularities.

2Apply the gypsum to the outer part of the bottle in several layers, letting it freeze.

3. Attach the edges of the "wings" from the grate (or something similar).

4. Begin, layer by layer, to form wings from gypsum. When the main part of the wings is ready, you can draw stripes of feathers on them.

5. Go to the neck. We form it with gypsum, we help ourselves with a bandage. He fixes the gypsum and creates a more accurate, curved neck.

6. With a brush, we apply another gypsum over the bandage, until we achieve a smooth and even neck. Form the head.

7. When the gypsum dries, it will only be necessary to decorate the craft with paints. Swan-shaped gypsum pots ready!

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