About combining drawing with appliqué

The world around us is so diverse and colorful! It is not surprising that the child is fascinated by him, fascinated - because at every step there are intriguing questions, riddles, discoveries. Children can express feelings based on impressions in different ways. Most often, brushes, pencils, crayons become their intermediaries transmitting emotions. Looking at the fruits of children's creativity, you understand that kids animate every picture, mentally create a fairy tale based on it. Will we try to develop it? A convex image The simplest application is an activity available to a preschooler that can be combined with drawing. Let the young artist depict, for example, an animal with a non-uniformly colored skin - a zebra, a giraffe. We cover the paper inside the contour with paint that matches the background color, that is, we first make the African horse just white, and the beast with a long neck - yellow or light orange.Now cut out the wavy black stripes and irregularly shaped rectangles. The first paste on the body of a zebra, the second - on the back and neck of a giraffe. The thicker the material for the appliqué, the more pronounced the picture.
 about combining drawing with an appliqué
Looking for ideas in a box with needlework A child draws a New Year postcard, charging it with a kind and positive mood. True, the deer harnessed to the sled looks like a hybrid of a cow and antelope, but it is funny. And what a wonderful tree! Meanwhile, something is missing on it ... Probably, shiny buttons, which should play the role of balls, gilded nuts, gingerbread. We grease the buttons with glue, put them on fluffy coniferous paws and say: “Garland, light up!” A masterpiece created by a little master is not ashamed to show Santa Claus. In the autumn landscape, too many heavy gray shades, because the young painter feels the sad charm of the October days. Some kind of original finishing touch is necessary, which does not contradict the pathos of the canvas in order to fully reflect the character of late autumn.We cover the landscape sheet on top of the dried watercolor with an adhesive pencil (completely or fragmentarily), sprinkle it with blue emerald-green, mother-of-pearl beads. The raindrops that the miniature beads had turned into instantly revived the gloomy palette.
 about combining drawing with appliqué
 about combining drawing with an application
Show ingenuity Dad has a huge balloon of shaving foam. Why does he need so much? We borrow a little bit so that the caps on the tops of the drawn mountains appear fluffy and soft. Shake the can, direct the opening of the spray into the right places and gently press. And now the tops of the rocks are shrouded in real snow, and large flakes hover over them - snowflakes joined in flight. Does the father shave with an electric razor, why not use foam? No problem! Toothpaste is available in the bathroom for any family. Replacement is equivalent. In the end, there is semolina,it will also make a wonderful winter composition.
 about combining drawing with appliqué
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The material for the realization of creative, extraordinary ideas is everywhere, imagination and love for creativity will help him find.

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