Accidentally scratched the flooring? No problem. Iron and ordinary napkin will help you.

Many owners stop their choice on the floor - this is an excellent floor covering, which has long been synonymous with comfort and a warm homely atmosphere. However, its main disadvantage is the high cost. A good parquet is known to cost a pretty penny. That is why I really do not want to see marks of heels, furniture scratches or playful pets on it.

If such a trouble still happened, do not rush to get upset. This little life hacking will save your parquet. You will need only two things - an iron and a simple napkin. Do not believe? Then let's take a closer look at the “repair” process.

1. To start, sprinkle a little water on the scratch surface, thereby moistening it.

2. Take a simple, slightly damp cloth, folded several times, attach to the scratch. Heat the iron, gently iron the scratch through the napkin, occasionally lifting the iron from the surface - do not overheat it too much.

3Iron a scratch across the surface for three or five minutes. Then look at the result. Isn't he wonderful?

This method works for a wide variety of wooden surfaces. It is better to use it immediately after the scratch appeared. However, the iron and napkin also show excellent results with old marks.

By the way, if there is dirt left in the scratch that cannot be removed manually, then after “ironing” it will come out.

The best results can be achieved if at the end of the “repair” you treat the surface with special oil for parquet. Although experience shows that even one iron and napkins is enough to eliminate the scratch and significantly improve the appearance of the parquet.

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