Adhesive packing tape for various needs

The sticky packing tape was invented by a 3M employee back in the 30s of the last century. This invention made 3M famous all over the world, and the name of the scotch tape patented by it was fixed and no one was surprised. The first thing that comes to mind with the word Scotch tape - it will be just a sticky tape, but only in a second strong alcoholic beverage.

Since then, quite a few varieties of adhesive tape have emerged that can be used in quite specific conditions, but the whole point all the same boils down to the same thing - this is a tape with sticky tape layer.

Scotch (adhesive tape)The most common type of adhesive tape is packaging tape, without which almost no cardboard boxes can be glued. In general, to the corrugated cardboard the adhesive tape is very friendly, adhering well to its surface.

The quality of the adhesive layer depends on its thickness and, if its value is 45 μm, the tape can stick well even on a rough surface. Of course, the smoothness of the surface will affect the bonding of the adhesive tape to this very surface, but even on uneven surfaces, an adhesive tape of 50 microns is perfectly placed. It is also necessary to take into account the weight of the fastened load, since under the action of its own weight, the adhesive tape can simply peel off. So, for lightweight goods, an adhesive tape with a thickness of 40 μm is used, and as the weight of packaged goods increases, the thickness of the adhesive layer should be increased accordingly.

For a more secure fit, you can also play with the width, which is most often 50 mm (the most popular) and 75 mm. Naturally, a wider ribbon provides a better bond to the surfaces, but the material consumption becomes larger, which leads to an increase in packaging costs. Here, as elsewhere, a purely individual approach is needed, allowing you to find a middle ground and the best price-performance ratio.

As for color, transparent and brown scotch are most prevalent.This is due to the fact that the transparent tape will simply not be visible on the surface on which it is glued, and the brown tape almost merges with the color of the corrugated cardboard box.

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