Advantages and disadvantages of artificial leather shoes

Everyone knows that leather shoes are comfortable, reliable and beautiful. But also very expensive. Not everyone can afford such luxury, even in spite of the hackneyed phrase that we are not rich enough to buy cheap things. The reality is a bit different. And if you consider that every woman needs more than one pair of shoes for the season, the situation becomes even more difficult.

Artificial leather appeared much earlier than we could think. The prototype of this material was invented by the indigenous people of South America, the first leatherette was based on rubber. Production of the substitute in the form that is more familiar to us, was adjusted in the 30s of the last century. Since then, there has been a lot of debate about which material is better and more appropriate in the shoe industry. For some reason, many are confident that leatherette is very harmful. But now we will try to figure out what the advantages and disadvantages ofwomen's shoes made of artificial leather.I want to say at once that it will be a question of high-quality leatherette, which is used even by the most famous designers of the world, and not about the terrible material given out for dermantin.


  1. Artificial leather needs much more careful care than natural skin. If this care is not provided, the shoe becomes vulnerable to temperature changes, cracks may appear.
  2. Leatherette, unlike natural leather, is easily flammable. Although scientists have long been working to remove this shortcoming.

With flaws, no matter how much you hoped to see them, everything!


  1. Durability and reliability. Artificial leather is much stronger and stronger than natural, thanks to special modern processing technologies. The leatherette is made from super-durable chemical fibers, which make shoes wear-resistant. Therefore, do not rush to bypass the online store of shoes made of kozhzam, it can serve you for more than a year.
  2. Breathability. Forget those tales that moms and grandmothers tell you about dermantine shoes, supposedly her legs will sweat, an unpleasant smell will appear, perhaps even a fungus, because leatherette does not "breathe". Yes, it was 20 years ago.Modern artificial leather is a synthetic analogue of natural material, which has a remarkable breathability and hygiene.
  3. Comfort. All the same innovative technologies made artificial leather as elastic and supple as natural.
  4. Reasonable price. Quality leatherette, of course, will not cost a penny, but, all the same, shoes made of it are several times cheaper than similar models made of genuine leather.

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