Advantages, criteria and recommendations for choosing summer overalls

Summer is a period of high temperatures and exposure to the scorching sun, therefore, clothing should be made with these factors in mind. Particular attention should be given to the type, quality of the material and its hygienic properties. Since the fabric should pass air as much as possible and absorb moisture, it is better to give preference to natural bases: it is calico, satin, light cotton and similar textures.

Requirements for choosing a summer uniform

Staying outdoors in the warm summer period requires special approaches in the choice of a set of special clothes. The following factors should be considered when buying a uniform:

  • The fabric should be thin, natural and breathable, to avoid excessive overheating and sweating;
  • be able to prevent the body from overheating factors that occur during activity or as a result of physical exertion;
  • level of comfort, practicality and convenience;
  • Compliance with all safety conditions, requirements for durability and reliability, as well as ease of operation and maintenance.

Summer Workwear Benefits

The modern market of a special working form has substantially undergone global changes in the tailoring of clothes for work. Light and comfortable suits, overalls and semi-overalls, practical jackets and pants gradually became relevant and distributed. All new clothes have unique properties and advantages:

  • practical and improved design, attractive appearance and other design elements of clothes have a neater and stylish design;
  • an increased level of comfort that does not constrain the body's movements;
  • compact and lightweight;
  • increased strength and excellent abrasion resistance
  • ease of operation and care - the material retains its shape and color after active use and frequent washes;
  • increased degree of resistance to various types of pollution and wet weather conditions;
  • practicality, durability and comfort;
  • Allergy free and compliant with all State Standards and safety certificates.

Recommendations for choosing the right workwear

  • When purchasing workwear, you need to consider a factor such as matching individual body build and dimensional grid. Ignoring this point can lead to the fact that the use of incorrectly selected work clothes will lead to discomfort, and will affect the quality of active recreation or the efficiency of the labor process. Experts when choosing color uniforms recommend to give preference to protective and light variations. Dark shades will attract the sun's rays and, accordingly, increase the level of heat exposure.
  • There are no universal suits that are ideally suited to all temperature fluctuations and weather conditions, so choose clothing should be strictly in accordance with a certain temperature range.
  • The material of the summer uniform must have a certain resistance to a large number of wash cycles, quickly dry and not burn out in the sun.
  • The costume must have a high level of fire resistance.
  • The material from which the working special suit is made should have characteristics such as resistance to tearing and stretching.
  • The specifics of the work may include the desired number of different elements and pockets to improve the functionality of the special suit. And the presence of the model hood will protect the employee from sudden weather changes.

The purchase of summer clothing is a responsible and serious moment, on which the level of comfort, preservation of health, as well as efficiency and productivity of labor depend.

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