After such a transformation, the old chest of drawers turned into a stylish sideboard

Quality old furniture is too good to be sent to the trash. However, it is not beautiful enough for a stylish modern apartment. The author of this alteration was able to turn almost unnecessary piece of furniture into the decoration of the room. I had to change the color of the surfaces and bring the LED backlight to the glass part.

For the project will need:

  • Sturdy old sideboard;
  • LED lights;
  • paint;
  • putty;
  • wires and switches

Before you begin, you will have to disassemble the sideboard, removing the doors, legs and glass part. Do it very carefully. The very basis should not be disassembled, otherwise the locker may become warped during assembly.

To slightly adjust the height of the future piece of furniture and change the design, the author of the alteration changed the legs to more modern ones.

Modern paints can be applied directly on the varnished surface.But to begin with, all the defects are disguised with the putty. You can additionally prime the sideboard, then the paint will need less.

To completely hide the color of wood and varnish had to put 3 layers of paint. Each new layer is applied after the previous one has dried completely. Before painting the author made holes in the upper part for future illumination.

The upper part was equipped with LED lamps. The whole system is turned on by means of a small button, hidden in the upper part, near the light source.

The wire system is located in the upper part of the cupboard, right on the lid. She hides an additional decorative panel.

On top of the sideboard attached decorative modules. They make the sideboard taller and allow you to hide the wiring system.

The pens were changed to more modern and appropriate in style to the rest of the room.

As a result, the room received an ornament in the form of a stunning sideboard, which effectively looks during the day and even better in the evening.

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