Air Fresheners


Aerosol freshener with his own hands

Do-it-yourself aerosol freshener

I think many of us do not really like the smells of store fresheners, so I suggest you make your own, unique freshener, with your favorite smell. For the manufacture we need: 1) A can of paint or antistatic. 2) Nipple from

Misha souvenir master class

Souvenir using coffee primer. Let's get to work with the bear. Draw a pattern. There will be two main details. The toy should stand with a round bottom. And of course the bear needs a keg with honey.
How to make a flavored toy bear

How to make a flavored teddy bear

Handmade has always been appreciated. And if this is the ability to make beautiful toys, then this activity is doubly worthy of respect. After all, the needlewoman can make toys for her children, and give them all the children of friends and relatives. But always
Independent production of solid perfume

Self-made solid perfume

Delicate fragrance of your favorite perfume, which envelops, like a veil, gives a good mood and a note of mystery. Solid spirits were among the first that appeared in ancient Egypt and were available only to pharaohs and their entourage. For today

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