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The main life task of every woman is to bear and give birth to a healthy baby. - obstetrician-gynecologist, candidate of medical sciences, head of the Generic Department of the IDK Clinical Hospital, told about all the important stages of childbirth.

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Pregnancy and childbirth - the most important period in the life of every woman. And it must be said that even the birth itself depends on how the future mom was pregnant. What is worth remembering, bearing a baby?

1. Proper nutrition.

2. Bad habits.

3. Regime of the day.

4. Visit a doctor.

5. Courses for future moms.

What happens to the body before giving birth? Studying the topic of "Pregnancy and childbirth," I want to talk a little bit about what is happening with the female body in the last weeks of carrying a baby. Thus, the level of progesterone, active throughout the pregnancy hormone, begins to fall. At this time, such a hormone as oxytocin begins to be gradually produced.It is he who is responsible for the onset of labor and the labor of a woman. The endocrine glands, which increase the sensitivity of the uterus to oxytocin, begin to work. The time comes, and mother begins to feel the first harbingers of childbirth - contractions.


Understanding how childbirth occurs, it is necessary to say also that there are also precursors of labor activity. This is a well-known fight. It should be said that they can also be false, or, as they are also called, training. Their main differences: short duration, as well as light pain. However, even a woman who has never given birth can recognize these real graspings. The first bouts will not last long, about 10 seconds, the interval will also be quite large - from 5 to 10 minutes.

Period one. Disclosure

Understanding how childbirth occurs, it must be said that they are divided into three main stages. The first of these, cervical dilatation, is the longest. For primiparous, it can stretch for 10-13 hours. For multiparous - most often for 6–8 hours. At this time, contractions gradually increase, pain increases, the duration between contractions is reduced. It is worth saying that with each time the cervix opens more and more.This will occur until the uterus, her cervix and the vagina itself form a single corridor through which the baby will move.

Second period. Attempts

The fact that labor activity enters its second stage - the attempts will be indicated by contractions. If they last for quite a long time, up to 1 minute, and the interval between them also equals approximately 1 minute, this means that a woman will see her baby very soon. The attempts themselves occur involuntarily, regardless of the desire of the woman. However, the future mother can manage them (if necessary - help, strengthen, if necessary - hold). Be sure to say that during the attempts the woman must listen carefully to doctors. After all, only they can competently manage labor activity, advising a woman to act in a certain way and choose the correct position.

In any case, most clinics today offer a woman to choose their own posture for childbirth, and this is a huge breakthrough in domestic medicine.

Period Three: Placental Exit

If a woman has the right childbirth, she should know that after the baby is born, the childbirth does not end.There is one more important stage - this is the birth of the placenta, or childish place. It should be said that this should happen shortly after the birth of the baby. To do this, the mother may be asked to once again push. An excellent stimulation of the birth of the placenta is nipple stimulation. To do this, just put a newborn baby to your chest. It is important to say that during the birth of the placenta some blood may be released. It should not be afraid, it should be. And only after the birth of the baby's place, the uterus will sharply decrease, the vessels will shrink, the bleeding will stop.

Postpartum period

Having considered how the childbirth goes, you also need to say a few words that the postpartum period is also important. About two hours after labor, a woman must be under the close attention of doctors (because at this time life-threatening bleeding and other problems may arise). After birth, the baby should be immediately applied to the breast, it is very important. After that, the baby is weighed and measured its height, then placed near the mother. After that, the work of doctors who took delivery of a woman ends.Two hours later, my mother is transferred to the postpartum ward, where she is under observation for some time (together with the newborn). If everything is normal, the mother and child will be discharged in three days. Otherwise, their stay in the walls of a medical facility may be delayed. During this period, women are taught the main rules of care for the crumbs.

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