All fantastic creatures in the full trailer of the Harry Potter spin-off

On November 17 (very soon!) The movie “Fantastic Beasts and Where They Live” will be released - a spin-off or, if you will, a sequel to the Harry Potter saga (the same story that JK Rowling wrote in 2001 and the entire fee for who spent on charity). We have before us the final 3-minute trailer, which sheds even more light on the events that happened in New York in 1926, shortly after a young man Newt Scamander (Eddie Redmain) left the train at the Central Station with a magic suitcase in his hand. About his adventures, he will write a book on which students of Hogwarts will learn, but for now he will have to drive back into the suitcase all its inhabitants - fantastic creatures who managed to sneak away - and they turned out to be quite a few: from cute and funny to dangerous and capable plunge the city into ruins. We look!

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