All in father! How does the younger daughter Sting look and what does

Eliot Sumner, 28, seems to be conquering this world soon.

Eliot Sumner is an aspiring singer and youngest daughter of musician Sting and producer Trudie Styler. She has half-sister elder Fuchsia and brother Joseph (from her father’s first marriage to actress Francis Tomelty). As well as the elder sister Bridget, elder brother Jake and younger brother Giacomo. Of all the famous became Joseph, making a career as a singer, and Bridget, who became an actress.

Eliot herself is not yet very well known to a wide audience, but there is no doubt that after a while they will be talking about her no less than about Sting ...

Eliot Sumner
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Sumner Jr. graduated from college in Belsize Park, north of London. But from early childhood she dreamed of following in the footsteps of her father and becoming a singer. She began studying music at the age of four, and began writing her own songs as early as 15. However, for a long time only her relatives knew about her work.Only in 2010, when Eliot turned 18, she presented the first video for the single "Caesar".

Currently, she has 12 clips and two albums. She often performs in clubs and all sorts of festivals. And some time ago, the daughter of Sting became the face of the Burberry campaign.

Eliot with his parents (musician Sting and producer Trudie Styler), 2004
Photo: Getty Images

By the way, the girl works in the genre of new wave, indie rock and electropop. Eliot differs in its external data. You can’t see her in dresses or skirts, she prefers jeans-boyfriends and oversise sweatshirts.

In addition, the singer leads a closed lifestyle, rarely gives interviews and does not like to talk about her parents. Once Sumner admitted that she loves her father and mother, but in her career she wants to be an independent person.

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