All properties of African black soap

Every time, going to the perfume or cosmetic department, we are looking for something new there, something that will be able to surprise us and help in solving permanent problems with the skin or hair. Surprisingly, but not all that can be an excellent way to care for our body, can be found in the usual stores, for example, black African soap.

This amazing product, which is produced, for the most part, in West Africa, has already become famous for almost the whole world for its amazing cosmetic and even healing properties. Think about what, in your understanding, should be soap?

If you do not take into account tar, then, basically, it is a white or pink fragrant piece of homogeneous mass, which is well washed and cleanses the skin from impurities.

Here it is

African black soap is something completely unusual and new in our understanding, because outwardly it is completely black, sometimes dark brown with light patches.Such a soap always has pleasant vegetable smells, it is well washed, and if you at least once try its strength on yourself, you will hardly want to return to the usual cosmetic means.

The thing is that the usual soap, which can be bought from us in the store, is 99% prepared from chemistry, which dries the skin, and sometimes even leads to irritation.

African soap is the exact opposite of the above: completely natural, created on the basis of herbal ingredients and natural oils, has long been the best means for African women to care for skin and hair.

Main ingredients and preparation method

At the heart of such an African product is ash or ash, which is obtained by burning nuts of shea, planktana bark, palm leaves and cocoa beans. All this is dried, burned, rubbed and brought to the desired consistency, resulting in soap and acquires such an unusual dark shade.

Viscous ash becomes the basis, and in order to give the maximum effect to soap, soap and palm oil, shea butter, vitamin E and aloe barbadensis juice juice are added to it, which protects the skin from premature aging and is an excellent antioxidant.

It happens in this form

The effective formula of African soap helps exfoliate old cells, as well as stimulate the growth of new ones, which makes the skin healthy, smooth and elastic. This product is great for oily skin care, will be a real salvation for those who have been struggling with acne, acne, psoriasis, eczema and other skin diseases for years.

Also, the unique composition of soap helps to soften and moisturize the skin, and vitamins A and E provide it with long-lasting beauty and youth. Within 2 weeks, the prepared soap composition “ripens”, and only after that it becomes fit for use.

Where to buy?

It is worth noting that to prepare such a miracle soap at home is unrealistic, because it is not possible to pick up all the necessary ingredients. Then the question immediately arises, where to buy such a valuable and interesting product?

It is believed that its homeland is West Africa, namely Ghana, today it can be found on sale almost throughout the territory of tourist countries in Africa, and even in the souvenir shops of Egypt or Sudan.

Locals use black soap, it can be said, from head to toe, they use it to make a face mask, wash their hands and body, and also use it as a shampoo.The most qualitative and natural is soap in shapeless briquettes, slightly viscous to the touch.

The view is not the most attractive

You can order soap through the Internet, in the modern world nothing is impossible, there it is provided in the form of pieces and even in liquid form, but the truth is that the reviews on the latter are much worse than on large briquettes of black soap.

Soft soap must be cut off piece by piece for use, and the rest must be dried, and only then removed for further storage.

How to use?

As we already said, black soap is ideal for the care of body and face skin. For this it is necessary to wet it beforehand, beat it up to the soap mass in hands, and then apply it on face and body, then rinse with water.

You can make a mask of black soap: to do this, simply cut a small piece of soap, put it in warm water so that it softens a bit (there should be exactly twice as much water as soap). After 10 minutes, add some honey to the resulting soap paste, mix and apply on the face and neck. After 20 minutes, rinse with warm water - an excellent remedy for bumps and pimples.

With the help of black soap, it is possible to strengthen hair well - for this purpose simply beat foam from soap, to it properly wash hair. It is not recommended to rub the curls with the soap itself, as they are then stumbled and badly combed.

It is also worth noting that this tool is not suitable for all hair, it can only be determined experimentally.

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