Allergies to Toothpaste: Symptoms and Prevention

Allergic reaction can cause food, drugs, pollen and other irritants. One of the most rare cases is a “tooth” allergy. So that the reaction to toothpaste does not come as a surprise, you need not only to know its symptoms, but also to carefully consider the choice of the remedy itself.

Symptoms of toothpaste allergy

The reaction to the toothpaste does not always manifest itself in the mouth area. In some cases, it can affect not only the skin and mucous membranes, but also internal organs.

tooth allergy
Allergies to toothpaste can be caused by components that are included in it.
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Signs of allergies can be as follows:

  • rashes around the lips and in the corners of the mouth;
  • redness and itching of the eyelids, nose, chin or cheeks;
  • small sores and wounds on the gums and in the mouth, bleeding when brushing and rinsing teeth;
  • puffiness, dryness, cracks and festering lips;
  • abdominal pain, flatulence and other symptoms of gastrointestinal upset.

In rare cases, a negative reaction to the paste can provoke conjunctivitis, urticaria, gum disease and even anaphylactic shock.

How to prevent "tooth" allergies

To avoid the development of the disease, follow the simple recommendations:

  • choose a hypoallergenic paste containing a minimum of ingredients;
  • Make sure that the product does not contain the main allergen - fluorine;
  • rinse thoroughly and rinse the corners of the lips after brushing;
  • apply a small amount of paste on the brush - a strip of no more than 1−2 cm;
  • try not to swallow the product while cleaning;
  • refuse formulations with natural herbs, as many plants and their mixes can cause allergies.

If it was not possible to avoid an allergic reaction, immediately stop using the paste and consult a doctor.

Allergy to toothpaste is treated according to the same principle as any other. First, identify and eliminate the irritant, then the doctor prescribes the intake of enterosorbents and antihistamines.

In case of severe itching and skin rash, pharmaceutical ointments and creams are used, which ones - ask your doctor.In case of inflammation of the mucous membrane, rinsing with chamomile decoction will help.

The reaction to the means for cleaning the teeth is rare, but no one is immune from such a nuisance. When choosing a toothpaste, always pay attention to its composition, shelf life and storage rules. Finding out exactly what component of the product you have started an allergy, you can avoid its occurrence in the future.

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