Almost forgotten way to store garlic: the way my grandmother ordered

A unique, somewhat unusual, but effective way to store garlic exists. And they invented it in the days of our grandmothers' youth. The heads of winter garlic stored by this method are perfectly preserved until the next season. The cost is minimal.

Flour is the secret ingredient that makes garlic feel great. It is stored in a conventional enameled saucepan at room temperature, does not rot and does not dry. The main thing is to pre-prepare the garlic for the tab, dried it thoroughly in the fresh air. Next you only need to shorten the tails, if necessary, clean the dry growth at the base and carefully pour in flour. Put the garlic in a pan followed by layers. The heads must be completely covered with flour.

You should not be afraid of the fact that there will be bugs in the flour, the presence of garlic is clearly not to your taste.

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