An interesting way to knit without turning the canvas

  • Veronica

    Darkness! In what language is this person knitting? Facial so do not mix. And what did not please turning over the canvas? I do not bother with circular knitting needles at all, by the way.

  • Anonymous

    and how to knit facial?

  • Class!

  • Anonymous

    Well, the loops do not look exactly: some with a slope to the right. others left

  • Anonymous

    And for what?

  • Anonymous

    Great! The reverse row fits the front of the rear wall.

  • Anonymous

    All my life so I knit. I really did not know that this is such a complexity!)))

  • Marina

    I do not understand what kind of problem lies in flipping the canvas. Tracking the drawing on the seamy side of a more or less experienced knitter is not a problem at all. And if the drawing involves purl rows according to the principle “as it looks mating,” then it is not necessary to look at it at all. I read a book on such ranks.

  • Anonymous

    And I liked and was surprised that it is possible. Thank you.

  • Tatyana

    We need to learn, for patterns, a good example.

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