Antenna for a smartphone in 3 minutes

The simplest way to increase the signal level of your cell phone in a few minutes. You will not need anything except a piece of wire of a certain length. This method will definitely help in a difficult life situation. Before modifying a cell phone, I show the initial level of a signal. Antenna for a smartphone in 3 minutes
Now it is equal to: minus 99 dB - 7 units. We disassemble the smartphone, namely, remove the back cover. Under it are sim cards, battery and so on. We are interested in the antenna connectors.
Antenna for a smartphone in 3 minutes
Usually, there is one connector for connecting an external GSM antenna, but sometimes there can be several: wi-fi, 4G, 3G. See the captions to them. We are interested in the GSM socket.

Making the simplest antenna for a cell phone

Now you need to take a piece of wire in isolation, with a central core of such a diameter that fits into the central socket of this connector.Postings must be exposed on one side for connection.
Antenna for a smartphone in 3 minutes
But it's not so simple: this wiring should have a certain length, so that it works as efficiently as an external antenna. Namely, the length it should be 1/4 of the wavelength. The wavelength can be calculated by the frequency at which your cell phone works. Most phones operate in a range where the average frequency will be 1.9 GHz. But there are exceptions like in my case - 0.8 GHz. Now you need to calculate the wavelength, for this you can use numerous online services in the network. So:
  • For frequency 0 , 8 GHz - 38 cm, now divide by 4 and get the length of the antenna wiring - 9.5 cm.
  • And for the frequency of 1.9 GHz - 16 cm, divide by 4 and get - 4
Crop the desired length of the wire and insert the bare end into the antenna connector. br>

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