Devil Wears Prada Apartments in Soho

Vintage, Decor, Workshop, Interior

This incredible and unusual apartment inSoho, New York, was completely renovated in Loft style, which gave the apartment a completely new look. It was intended for shooting creative agencyDevil Wears Prada. That is why the apartment has a reflection of the taste of a modern interior designer.

High ceilings, Corinthian columns, a handmade fireplace, modern design and elegant furniture in soothing light colors create an oasis of style and good taste. The frames of the windows of warm shades of natural wood, as well as many colorful details, such as green carpet, red dining table with chairs create an atmosphere of bright underground and creativity. Mixing styles, patterns and materials makes the space perfect for recreation, this is a real oasis in the desert of a big city. The apartment is now for sale, and you have a chance to acquire this beauty.

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