Apples Pastila

Pastille from apples- a recipe.


  1. apples 5 pieces;
  2. sugar 170g;
  3. 1 egg white;
  4. powdered sugar to taste.


Apples are baked in the oven at a temperature of 180-2000C for about half an hour. When the skin is cracked and the apples inside are soft, remove them from the oven, cool, peel and core, and shift the flesh into a sieve.

Carefully wipe the apple pulp through a sieve in a clean bowl. If you wish, you can use a blender, but then particles of seeds and hard shells may remain in the mash, so it’s safer to use the sieve anyway.

Add 170 g of sugar to the still warm applesauce and mix thoroughly. Let the mashed potatoes cool and add the egg white. Whisk in a homogeneous white mass for 5-7 minutes. The volume of the mass should be increased by two, and preferably three times.

In the refractory form (size 20x30 cm or round with a diameter of about 23 cm), we shift the resulting mixture, leaving approximately a glass for coating the marshmallow.We put the form in the oven, heated to 700C, for eight hours.

We take the form out of the oven, cool it and, gently picking up, if necessary, on the sides and bottom with a knife or a spatula, we shift the layer of solidified mass onto a cutting board. Cut the pastille with a sharp knife into identical rectangles.

We lay out the rectangles in a pile on top of one another, having missed each layer of the apple-protein mass left (depending on the shape used, it can turn out to be three or even 5-6 layers). Dry in the oven for another two hours at 700C.

We take the pastille out of the oven, cut off the jagged edges with a sharp knife to form a neat rectangle. In a bowl, pour in the powdered sugar and roll the pasta from all sides in it. Shake off excess sugar powder.

We put the ready pastille on a dish, cut it into slices with a dessert knife and serve it with milk or cheese for tea. At room temperature, the pastila does not harden for about two days, and sometimes even longer.

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