Easter basket application. Crafts for the holiday of Easter

An interesting piece for the Easter holiday may well be made in the walls of an elementary school - kids, especially first graders, will take part in its creation with great pleasure. A good version of the work is the Easter basket application. Grade 1, and even more so, students in grades 2–3 will be quite able to cope with the whole process of its manufacture.


Easter basket application. Crafts for the Easter holiday

The original appearance of this craft is made by corrugated cardboard. It is recommended to use as the basis of the product. Additionally, you will need sheets of colored foam board or plain cardboard and decorative bird feather. In the absence of this pen,it can be made from a sheet of colored paper.

In general, the Easter Basket application is made quite simple.

A rectangular sheet of corrugated cardboard is taken.

 Brown corrugated cardboard

Brown corrugated board

It is bent in half - so that the stripes of the corrugation are placed vertically.

Fold in half

Bend in half

The edges of the resulting shape, opposite the fold, are rounded.

 round off the edges at the top of

Round the edges at the top

In general, you should have a silhouette of a basket without a slit for the handle.

 Slightly round the edges at the fold point

Slightly round the edges at the fold.

This slot we do it using a scissors or a writing knife.

 Making a cut

Making a cut

Then we start decorating the crafts.First of all, glue the flower on its outer side.

 Glue the flower

Glue the flower

The flower is complemented with a bright core.

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