Are you compatible? 3 types of sexual temperament in relationships

Sex blogger Nadezhda Gray (@gullrope) will help you understand the types of sexual temperament and how they affect your romantic relationship.

The concept of "sexual temperament" implies a person’s need for the quantity, regularity and duration of sexual intercourse. Sexologists distinguish three types of sexual temperament: high, medium and, accordingly, low.

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High type

Representatives of this type are distinguished by early puberty and the violent manifestation of sexual desire. For people with a high temperament, physical satisfaction and the process itself are more important than the emotional connection and anticipation of intimacy with a partner. People of this type tolerate abstinence and need sexual satisfaction almost every day.

Medium type

This is the largest group, as it includes 80% of people. Passion and sexual desire in the middle type arise from time to time.Therefore, people with this sexual temperament are familiar with a high need for intimacy, but at the same time they can safely tolerate abstinence. For the average type, not only physical but also sensual, emotional satisfaction matters. Their need for sexual intercourse reduces on average to 2–3 times a week.

Low type

Representatives of the low type of sexual temperament mature much later than their peers and for a long time show no interest in the opposite sex. Sex in itself for this type does not have a high value; they get more satisfaction from emotional intimacy, hugs and tender kisses. They are rarely initiators.

Nadezhda Gray

Each type of sexual temperament is unique in its own way, has pros and cons, and this should not be forgotten too. These tips are for those who are entangled in themselves and in relationships:

Never need to reproach yourself for your sexuality

If you have a high temperament, and your partner, for example, has a low temperament, do not think that something is wrong with you (provided that your sexuality does not cause you serious problems), that you have a lack and need to turn to specialist to change temperament.And, on the contrary, with low temperament, you also should not blame yourself for wrongness, insufficient sexuality, etc.

Such couples are rare, more common combinations: high - high, high - medium, medium - low and low - low, but if you and your partner really have such different types of sexual temperament, be prepared for serious disagreements and that will most likely have to compromise. Help your partner, talk. If one side is tired or unwilling, look for different ways, but most importantly - try together for the sake of your relationship.

Do not refuse

It’s a shame to hear refusals; every refusal makes your partner think that he is not interested in you, that you are tired of him, that he is wrong and unnecessary. Again, look for a compromise (use hands, toys, etc.) so that you both feel as comfortable as possible.


Follow the dynamics of your sexual relationships. Compare what is pleasant to you, what is not, share with a partner - and you will see that relations are only getting warmer, which means that there will be clearly less insults and complaints.Do not be afraid to be frank with a loved one, closeness in the intimate sphere is very harmful to relationships.

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Passion for the process is the key to victory. Study your body, accept yourself, learn to feel, to help your partner give you pleasure. Admire your partner, enjoy the process and give love. When we eat, we enjoy the taste, rather than striving to quickly destroy the feeling of hunger and wash the plates - so here. Receive and give pleasure.


And finally ... If you do not have a relationship yet, try to get acquainted with his potential temperament when meeting with the potential love of your life. Not a sign of the zodiac, not the time of birth (although you can find out, of course), but precisely temperament, because it is with dissatisfaction with sexual life that completely unfounded claims begin - no matter whether they are domestic or not, which can destroy relationships.

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