Armed and very dangerous: the coolest spies in the movie

While the 25th Bond film is looking for a director, we remembered the coolest cinematographers who could compete with any of the existing Bonds. They are intelligent and decisive, they know how to fight and seduce, they look cool in clothes and without it, they are women, and that means, to circle the men around their fingers - just spit.

Charlize Theron: Lorraine Broughton in the movie Blasting Blonde

Lorraine Broughton, an agent of British intelligence MI6, is sent to Berlin, where her colleague was killed to obtain the most valuable agent list. The action takes place in 1989, a few days before the fall of the Berlin Wall. Lorraine meets a cunning agent under the cover of David Percival (James McAvoy), but he doesn’t really help, taking care of his own goals. Hope in a fight with Soviet agents Lorraine has only to itself.

Charlize Theron nuns this project based on the famous noir comic.As a producer, she found a director, corrected the genre in the direction of an energetic action-thriller, how a madman trained to perform all the tricks herself. There are plenty of tricks in “Explosive Blonde”, in particular, the movie is worth watching before the close to the final and already advertised six-minute scene of a fierce fight without a single assembly glue.

Angelina Jolie: Evelyn Salt in the film "Salt"

First-class CIA agent Evelyn Salt falls into an inexplicable position: a Russian defector during interrogation says with conviction that she works for Russian intelligence. The CIA begins to hunt for Salt, who has to hide from his own and at the same time dig into the question of who put it.

Initially, the role of an agent on the run was to play Tom Cruise. Considering how Jolie coped with the role, it's time to make a film not with James, but with Jane Bond.

Melissa McCartney: Susan Cooper in The Spy

CIA employee Susan Cooper does the rough work, backing up a starring colleague (Jude Law). But once fate gives her a chance to flash skills and fulfill the main role in a very important espionage mission.Melissa McCartney not only brilliantly played one of the most ridiculous, sweet and brave intelligence agents, but also made it clear: self-irony and self-confidence is much more important than a perfect appearance.

Helen Mirren: Victoria Winslow in the film “Red”

A former British intelligence agent of the old school - a sexy blond sixty with a tail of years. She famously shoots from two hands, and often saves her former colleagues from unpleasant situations, and under any circumstances it looks as if she just updated her makeup and did the styling.

Sandra Bullock: Gracie Hart in the Miss Congeniality film

Agent FBI Gracie Hart, working undercover, becomes a participant of the beauty contest. In order not to fail the mission, clumsy and unable to keep an eye on herself, Gracie will have to change under the strict guidance of image consultant Victor (Michael Kane). This process will enthrall everyone, so transforming a plain woman with boyish manners into a long-legged sexy beauty will be more fun than catching a killer.

Ann Pariyo: special agent Nikita

In Luc Besson’s Nikita, Ann Pariyo plays a drug addict and a criminal who gets a life sentence.However, the fragile nervous girl is in the hands of the French special services and becomes a first-class cruel agent capable of anything.

Based on the film, the Canadian TV series “Her name was Nikita” with Peta Wilson was successfully shot in Russia.

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