Arranging the pantry: 18 illustrative examples

Practically in every, even a small apartment, there is a small room, which people used to call the closet. Usually they put unnecessary things into it, but in fact this small space can be very useful and functional. If desired, it can be turned into a full laundry or dressing room. We found many examples, after which there is a desire to re-equip the storeroom.


In a small apartment there are not many places where you can put a washing machine. Often it takes up a living space in the kitchen or bathroom. Unload these rooms will help exactly the pantry. The main thing is that it should be close to the bathroom or kitchen, so that it is convenient to arrange a set and drain of water. Not superfluous there will be additional shelves for powders and rinses.

You can equip the laundry even in a small pantry

Storing clean linen and towels

The storage room is also useful for storing clean linen and towels, especially if the number of storage systems in the apartment is limited.Additional assistants will be plastic containers, cardboard boxes, wicker baskets. For convenience, they can be signed. Doors are also worth using, fasten on them rails for towels.

Storage of household chemicals and mops

Sometimes a vacuum cleaner or a mop in the corner of the room spoils the general impression of the interior. You can hide them in the pantry. For these purposes, it is better to make several convenient shelves in it, to equip walls with hooks, so that it is convenient to hang brushes and mops on them. Do not forget about the functional use of the door. You can fasten several metal grids on it or hang up an organizer with textile or polyethylene pockets. They are convenient to store gloves, soap, washing and cleaning products, sponges.

Home Office

A small utility room with a clever approach can turn into a stylish and cozy office. True, with the arrangement of such a home office will have to take care of good lighting. To store all the necessary will be useful: a place under the ceiling, open shelves, magnetic and cork boards, all kinds of office organizers.


With the help of the pantry, you can get rid of the cabinet and make the interior more spacious. A small room is perfect for the role of a dressing room. When designing it, it is worthwhile to dwell on light colors, make several rows of open shelves (preferably under the ceiling), hang a mirror on the wall, equip a dressing room with additional lighting and not forget about all sorts of boxes and rods for hangers.

A small storage room can be a stylish dressing room.

Storage of children's toys and things

When a child enters the family, there is an urgent need for additional storage systems. And the older the child becomes, the more acutely it is felt. When children's things have nowhere to put, you should pay attention to the utility room, which is used irrationally. It is necessary to release the pantry from unnecessary things, glue with beautiful wallpaper, equip shelves and bars. Just a few steps, and it is transformed into a nice dressing room for children's clothes and a place to store toys.

Wardrobe for children's clothes

Storage of kitchen utensils

Most often, the pantry is located closer to the kitchen or right in this room.This small space will help to relieve the interior of the kitchen and perhaps even get rid of excessively cumbersome furniture that prevents you from moving around the kitchen. For easy storage, bulk cereals are best poured from bags into glass jars and signed. Pickles are most conveniently stored on the lower shelves - it is cooler and darker there.

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