Artichoke Heart

The heart in the technique artichoke
I suggest you make an unusual heart in artichoke technique from satin ribbon. Everyone who sees products in this technique for the first time, raises the beauty and unusualness of such handicrafts. And it is very easy to master, so stock up on materials and get started! Materials: • Satin ribbon 2.5 cm wide. • Figurine “Heart” made of foam. • Scissors. • Office pins. • • Lighter. • • Fine lace or braid, narrow satin ribbon. • • 2 half beads. For crafts, you can use a ribbon of any color, if you like, you can choose not one, but two or more colors. The size of the foam base does not matter much, but it is easier to work with a larger figure. Office pins, without which the work can not do, you can buy in the stationery store, this is their exact name, which is written on the box. Do not try to replace them with something else - you will not achieve the desired result, and tape may appear on the tape. So, let's get down to work and start with the preparation of the details from the satin ribbon.We cut the ribbon into 5 cm pieces, wrap the upper corners to the center and sing the workpiece at the junction of the tips with the middle.
 Heart in the technique of artichoke
On the foam plastic figure we outline the center, We apply the workpiece so that the corner is directed to the center and fix the remaining two corners with pins. We attach the second blank, as in the photo, and pin them with pins.
 Heart in artichoke technique
We attach the workpiece 3 and 4 and fix with pins.
 Artichoke Heart
Next, we need to pin 4 blanks, placing them a little differently than before. The corners should also be directed towards the center, only this time we retreat a little. And in the middle we glue the semi-bead.
 Heart in the technique of artichoke
 Heart in the technique of artichoke
The next 4 blanks are placed like this same as in the very first rowonly retreat a little from the last row as well.
 Heart in the technique of artichoke
By this principle, alternating the arrangement of the blanks, we spread the required number of rows. In this case, the heart is small and there are very few rows. When you see that you reach the edge - you can step back a little from the rules. Arrange the workpieces so that they cover the pins from the previous rows without leaving any uncovered parts of the foam. If necessary, in the right places, you can cut the workpiece a little, for example: one or two corners, or the entire workpiece along the length. Try to tails are not strongly stuck in the opposite side of the heart. In the upper part of the heart, you will need to pin the blank in 3 places. In general, if you see that the workpiece does not fit beautifully, then you can additionally pin it up in the right place. Only in this case it is better to hide extra pins under the tape.
 Heart in the technique of artichoke
When you are finished with one side of the heart - make the other side exactly the same. two halves of the heart need to mask with something suitable: lace or satin ribbon.Another decor option is medium sized semi-beads.
 Heart in the technique of artichoke
On this heart in the technique of artichoke is ready!

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