As I understood that I need mammoplasty: part 1

Within two months, our special correspondent Vika Vilochkina will talk step by step about her experience in mammoplasty, from decision making, fears and myths to the final result. Today we will talk about how to understand that you showed mammoplasty? In this matter, the expert Anna Ryapolova, a senior client relations manager, an assistant plastic surgeon at the CIDK clinic, helped us figure it out.

... I always wanted a big breast as I can remember. Until I was 25, I diligently waited for her to “grow up”. This did not happen. True, after taking hormonal contraceptives, the breast slightly increased in volume, but then it only got worse. After stopping the medication, the mammary glands sagged, and my size 0.5 began to look even more pitiable. In addition, cysts appeared in the chest. Taking into account all these factors, I decided to find out what modern women can have not only aesthetic, but also medical indications for mammoplasty.Looking ahead, a detailed study of the issue helped me to make a final decision regarding mammoplasty.

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The main reasons why women really need mammoplasty:

- ptosis (sagging) of the breast while maintaining its size;

- small size of mammary glands;

- breast asymmetry;

- abnormal development of the mammary glands;

- mastectomy;

- replacement of breast implants;

- Macromastia (breast enlargement to large sizes, causing discomfort or physiological changes);

- the need to restore the shape or size of the breast after pregnancy, breast-feeding or drastic weight loss.

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What is the patient's motivation most often coming to plastic surgeons?

Most often, patients go to the doctor to increase, tighten or reduce the breast for themselves in order to:

- to feel yourself confident;

- in order to "suit sitting" (for someone it is a wedding dress, for someone a linen or swimsuit);

- in order to return the past with interest (after childbirth and lactation);

- not often, but some fulfill the wishes and sexual preferences of their second halves.

What are the most common fears and how do you help deal with them?

Whatever fear may be, it is needed for something, it matters to a person, this feeling is basic, biological, and extremely necessary. Completely get rid of it is impossible. Fear helps us survive, saves from potentially dangerous situations. The most important thing is to understand what is behind each particular fear, what is its real reason.

The most common fear shared by our patients is the fear of anesthesia (anesthesia)

But after talking with a doctor and an anesthesiologist, fear usually subsides.

In order not to get stuck halfway between fears and desire, you need to weigh the pros and cons, make the right choice for yourself, answer the question whether you really need surgery at this stage of life. After that, determine the clinic, which will offer decent conditions and quality; it should also be a medical institution with a long-standing reputation and personnel constantly upgrading their skills, for example, as a CKD clinic.

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Why do girls have doubts?

"In life, there is nothing" 100 percent. "There is always room for doubt, and this is normal as long as these doubts do not begin to prevent a person from living and acting. To do this, we have a free consultation at any clinic of a plastic surgeon who will tell you “without embellishment” about all indications, contraindications, how best for you, based on your wishes, measurements and anthropometric characteristics.

It is also very important to choose the right plastic surgeon. How to do it is a separate topic. But the main thing you should be guided by: the best advertising of a doctor is the demand, ”- continues Anna.

Is mammoplasty really compatible with the removal of cysts in the breast?

“Yes, indeed, it is. The first, where the patient is sent, who decided to do a mammoplasty, is an ultrasound of the mammary glands or mammography. If, after the examination, cysts, fibromas or fibroadenomas are found in the breast, then the next item will be a visit to the mammologist. A mammologist will necessarily recommend in his opinion what to do with a cyst or any other neoplasm - delete or observe.If the doctor recommends removal, then a plastic surgeon simultaneously with a breast augmentation gently removes a cyst, ”comments the expert Anna Ryapolova, senior manager for work with clients, assistant plastic surgeons of the CIDC clinic.

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