Ashley Graham went on the catwalk in a bikini at New York Fashion Week

Plus size model Ashley Graham is now not only on the pages of magazines, but also on the catwalk. In underwear. As a guest designer of the lingerie line for the Canadian brand Addition Elle, she herself demonstrated the result of her new collaboration by defining on the catwalk as part of New York Fashion Week. Yes, so confident that they started talking about her again as the engine of change, rapidly (compared to the attempts of her colleagues in the workshop) destroying all the barriers and obstacles in the fashion world.

Publication from the Ashley Graham fan page (@ ashley.graham.2)Sep 11 2017 at 2:07 PDT

Publication from theashleygraham.ind (@ theashleygraham.ind)Sep 12 2017 at 2:20 pdt

However, Graham's confidence does not hold not only on the podium. As an activist of the body-positive movement, she does not cease to repeat that “with such a diversity of models there should not be any categories and criteria at all”. After the show, Ashley proudly acknowledged that "finally, at Fashion Week in New York, there are more plus-size models."But, apparently, on this she is not going to stop. "It's time to change not only to underwear brands, but to everyone else. Unfortunately, in the fashion world, everything is happening very slowly, because no one wants to take serious steps first, ”the activist model complains.

It looks like Graham considers the podium as a battlefield, and underwear for her is like a shield and a sword, well, or chainmail: “I fight for women who do not want to be“ sorted out ”because of the size of their hips,” she praises.

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