Grilled Asian Sea Bass w/ Sweet Soy Ginger sauce

Asian style sea bass

  • Don’t kid yourself that those brightly coloured packs of low-fat, nutrient-void stodge are doing you any good. Once you’ve tried this 10min fish supper, even those “finest” ready meals just won’t taste the same. Roughly tear a couple of large squares of tinfoil. Throw one of the fillets into the centre of each and fold up the edges to create a bowl shape. No need to pierce the top five times.
  • This sauce adds no fat to the dish and harnesses the metabolism-accelerating properties of ginger and chilli: a potent fat-loss double act according to Maastricht University. Chop up the chilli, crush the ginger and garlic, and divide across the parcels with a squeeze of orange and splash of soy sauce. Scrunch them up tight and give it all a good shake to mix. Bake your fish for 8min at 200°C.
  • While the fish cooks, grab a microwave steamer. Splash some soy sauce on your veg and cook for 3min. Steaming means you retain all the nutrients that are lost in preservative-packed supermarket meals. Had you plumped for the ‘instant’ option, you’d likely be watching its 50th vitamin-zapping rotation right now.
  • Take the sea bass out of the oven and unwrap it (don’t let the steam burn your fingers). Now split your side dish across two plates and put the fish on top with a couple of spoonfuls of the spicy dressing. Screw up the tinfoil, chuck out your single-use steamer and dig in.

Video: 清蒸鱸魚 Hong Kong's Steamed Sea Bass Fish

Asian style sea bass
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Watch Asian style sea bass video

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