Asthma, dermatitis and chronic fatigue: the top 7 diseases of housewives

Have you been involved in your health for a long time? Maybe it's time to run to the doctor?

The obstetrician-gynecologist and gynecologist-endocrinologist Angelina Sobolevskaya and the psychotherapist Maxim Pasyukov spoke about the most common diseases and even the pathologies encountered by modern homemakers. However, early to panic. Each problem must have its own solution.

Problem: weight lifting leads to the prolapse of the uterus and internal organs

After childbirth, almost every woman has an overstretching of the ligaments and pelvic floor muscles. The recovery period is different for everyone. To avoid omission, after delivery it is important to eliminate heavy physical exertion on the abdominal muscles for several months and not to lift weights. At this time, you should try as much as possible to strain the muscles of the hips, pelvic floor (Kegel gymnastics), and even better, if possible, ride a bike, go to the pool. Walking upstairs is also helpful.

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Problem: working in the cold can lead to the development of various female diseases, kidney diseases

Hypothermia can primarily lead to a decrease in immunity and exacerbation of chronic, “dormant” infections, and then everything else. Therefore, try to avoid long-term frost and contact with cold water.

Problem: Housewives suffer from asthma, eczema, chemical burns due to constant contact with household chemicals

The desire for superpurity, regular contact with cleaning chemicals and powders can trigger the development of contact dermatitis, allergic rhinitis, cough. To avoid this, use gloves and masks, and if possible at the time of treatment, leave the room, where they use strongly smelling and volatile agents.

Problem: due to a long stay at the hot stove and oven, you can get burned

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Often in the cycle of household chores, housewives simply forget about safety rules. As a result, various thermal burns are likely. To avoid this, do not touch the heated baking pans, pans and other dishes with your bare hands (some people check how hot the dish is). Use towels, oven mitts and special styli.If you open the oven, take care of your face: hot steam can scald it.

Problem: due to the constant raising on the hands of children and frequent ironing thumb overload occurs, which threatens with tendon inflammation

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This pathology is even called the disease of housewives. The thumb is the most active finger of the hand. Often we perform movements that overload the finger, which leads to inflammation of the tendons. In medicine, this disease is called "de Querven's disease." During it, a narrowing of the canal occurs in which the tendons of the thumb pass. Usually the disease develops gradually, so it can be prevented.

Problem: washing hands and washing dishes leads to dermatitis

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Worst of all, at the onset of the disease, we are not fully aware of its danger and continue to wash, wash and scrub. All this only exacerbates the painful process. In the end, irritated skin reacts to ordinary toilet soap and chlorinated water. However, it is a mistake to think that as soon as we stop contacting with detergents, dermatitis will pass by itself. Sometimes the cause of the disease can go much deeper and, for example, indicate a lack of function of the skin itself, abnormal work of the stomach, intestines, gall bladder or kidneys.The “culprit” of dermatitis can be the immune system, so at the first suspicion consult your doctor.

Problem: feeling that you are not appreciated, burnout syndrome, lack of implementation, dependency, isolation from an active social environment

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Women loaded with household duties sometimes stop looking after themselves. “I still sit at home. Why do I need to dress up and make up - no one sees me! ”; often feel unclaimed and unnecessary, and then gradually cease to please themselves, then others, and then her own husband. So step by step, they are moving towards psychosomatic diseases. First, something breaks down in the shower, then body breakdowns, including hypertension, obesity, arthrosis, osteochondrosis, cycle disturbances, inability to become pregnant (functional infertility) or bear a child, stomach ulcer and duodenal ulcer, neurodermatitis, allergies, atopic dermatitis, eczema, asthma, thyrotoxicosis, type 2 diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome, and much, much more.In the toughest options - cancer or trauma.

The second “way out” of the accumulated tension is withdrawal into neurosis, depression, phobias and other psychological decompensations. If you feel that you can no longer cope with emotions and depression, make an appointment with a psychotherapist. Just do not confuse him with a psychiatrist! The psychiatrist treats with medicines, and the psychotherapist with a word. When people ask me whether it is possible to be happy being a housewife, I reply: “Yes! But, like any other happiness, this happiness requires attention, care and work on oneself. ”

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