At what age do children remember what is happening around them

Mommies can rejoice: the sound of their voices is something that children will never forget.

This is stated by Dr. René Spencer, Ph.D. and a practicing psychologist, who works with children at home and in the clinic every day and has collected the following information on this subject.

What do we remember until three years

We still know very little about memory and early brain development, but recent research has led to a number of new discoveries. So, in babies, the so-called declarative, explicit (long-term) memory was discovered - memorization of the mother's voice. Kids reacted through emotions. As soon as my mother spoke, they began to smile and calm down. It is not known when the fetus begins to discern the maternal voice in the uterus, but this is the very first place where its memory begins to absorb information. These hard nine months, when you are nurturing and feeding a child, are actually your first chance to start talking to him.Dr. Spencer also explains the difference between semantic and declarative memory. Infants who cry cry for mother to feed them, use semantic, unconscious memory that helps them survive. The declarative memory is conscious, based on observation and knowledge.

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About three to seven years

Early development of memory and the brain is very important up to five years. The brain at this age is so plastic that it is the best time to learn, because it can remember almost everything. The more you repeat, the more your children repeat. Dr. Spencer recommends repetition and treatment for children aged 3 to 7 years. This allows them to categorize things and translate them into long-term memory. The more often you try to remember something, the easier it is then to pull it out of memory. Children with whom parents talk, early learn the ability to remember and remember. Sometimes they are able to memorize stories after the first or second reading thanks to a mode that includes regular reading before bedtime,.

Seven to ten years

At the age of 7–10 years, when children go to school, there is a rapid development of the hippocampus (part of the limbic system of the brain, which participates in the mechanisms of formation of emotions,memory consolidation (i.e. the transition of short-term memory into long-term memory) and the ability to recall. The child begins to organize more efficiently and more logically to store information. Therefore, for most people, the mass of memories begins somewhere in the third grade.

Therefore, for up to three years, parents should remember and write down the most interesting things that happen to your child, so that at about 10 years of age you can amaze him with how much he could and could do in infancy.

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The bad is remembered more clearly than the good

For example, we remember in all details the day when our hands were broken, but we cannot remember our birthday in the same year, Christmas or family holidays. According to Dr. Spencer, good memories at an early age are inferior to bad ones. This is because we want to remember not something pleasant, but something that has hurt us in order to prevent such incidents in the future.

How important to take photos

Parents need to shoot more of their babies. Funny pictures with toothless smiles can give a memory boost to an adult and help him see again the day, it would seem, lost forever.Children remember events much better if they see a photo or other visualization.

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