Attention drivers! These methods will help overcome drowsiness while driving

Driving in the evening or at night is a fairly dangerous action, even if the driver is experienced enough. First of all, it should be said that if you feel tired and sleepy, it is always better and safer to stop for a while and sleep, you can right in the car without stopping at a roadside hotel. This is the most effective method, eliminating drowsiness. Nevertheless, in some cases, a stop can not be carried out. In this case, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the 5 methods of eliminating drowsiness, which do not include short sleep.

Do not turn on the heating

It is not a secret for anyone that warming the body helps to relax, and because of the heating, the driver is sleepy. Therefore, when driving a car for a long distance at night, either open the windows or turn on the air conditioner. It will help you cheer up.

Have some coffee

No matter how banal this advice might be, it is not worth neglecting it. Coffee is briefly invigorating and will help you to transfer long driving much better.

Start playing

Small driving games, such as concentrating on signs or stops (or counting them), ultimately help keep the mind awake. In addition, begin to breathe deeper, saturating the body with oxygen.

Sit upright and look more actively around the area.

This helps the body not to relax too much, and you - to be more attentive to what is happening on the road. By the way, a simple mint gum can help.

Stop and go out to walk

A small stop is, of course, not useful and invigorating short-term sleep, but it is still able to bring muscles into tone, and you - will help recharge your energy. Do a couple of exercises for at least 10 minutes to cheer up and recover.

Remember that on the road, when you feel too tired, it is better not to experiment, but still set aside 2-3 hours for a short and invigorating sleep, better than which means simply can not be.Safety (your own and your loved ones) above all!

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