Autumn postcard

autumn card
For the manufacture of such a card will not even need paper for scrapbooking, we will do everything ourselves, and even get a lot of fun! Materials you need to work: - Basis for postcards (thick paper, cardboard, drawing paper), - A small (approximately 8x8 cm) piece of cardboard, - Gifts of Nature: twigs, dried flowers, petals and leaves - everything that exists, - Waste sponge , - A pen, a pencil or a stick that you can use ikrepit sponge fragment, - Stationery knife, - Scotch tape, - Scissors, - Ribbons, ribbons or other decorations, - Paints, - Clay.
Let's get started. To begin with, we prepare a stencil, with which we can easily create an excellent background for a postcard. Take a piece of cardboard (about 8x8 cm) and on it we draw a silhouette of a bird (or something else, your fantasy will tell you). It is not necessary to draw intricate figures with many details, as this will complicate the process of cutting, and in the end, even the smallest details will not be visible.The best option would be a simple, concise and easily recognizable silhouette.
 we will prepare a stencil
Next, having enclosed an oilcloth or a stack of waste paper, we cut out the figure. It should be clearly cut along the drawn line, because we will need both the inside and the outside.
 cut out the figure
Next we make an improvised" brush ", which we will paint over the background. To do this, cut a small piece from the sponge and fasten it to a pen, pencil or stick using a scotch tape.
 make a brush
>img src="" alt="make a brush" title="make a brush">
Now Take the inside of the template, attach it to the base for the postcard and start to paint around the contour. We do this several times, filling the entire space with the figures and painting the empty spaces between the silhouettes.
 paint over the contour with paint
 draw around the outline with paint
When this step is completed, proceed to the next. We take the outer part of the template and draw the silhouette in the same way.
 draw silhouette
 draw the silhouette
The result is such a kind of background for the postcard.
The last stage - decoration. Here, give free rein to your imagination, giving up all sorts of templates!
 autumn card
Good luck to you in your work and inspiration!

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