Baby crawls behind mom on the floor in the mall: video

Apparently, the woman decided that such contact with reality would benefit the child’s immunity. Or maybe baby whining is enough.

“Does she have no brains at all?” Is the softest comment we saw under this video. He really is somewhat surprising. Or even shocking.

A baby wearing diapers and a t-shirt is crawling on the floor after the mother who rolls the stroller. It seems to be nothing, but it happens in a public place - it seems that in a shopping center. Not in Russia, in China, but even with the local pofigizm about hygiene (everyone who saw the toilets in local cafes, understand what they were talking about) mommy pedestrians looked around in bewilderment. Maybe she decided that because the child’s immunity will become stronger, in contact with the bacteria in all their glory. Or maybe just childish nagging is so tired that she solved the problem radically.

The reasons for the act of a young woman can only guess.The baby is clearly happening on a high. Well, we decided to collect other places that are dirty to the point of impossibility that children love so much.

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1. Children's playground

Yes, yes, this is a hotbed of all sorts of diseases, because the kids on it cling to all their dirty little hands. Since there is no rule prohibiting patients from coming to the site, then there is a high probability that the mass of microbes lurking on the swings and roundabouts. And the worst place on the site is, of course, a sandbox where animals can defend themselves, creating the danger of infestation by parasites. Therefore, either stay away from the playgrounds, or if this is not possible, wash your child thoroughly when he comes home.

2. Public toilets

Perhaps you had to change diapers with your child on special tables in the toilets, but most likely you didn’t wipe the surface with an antibacterial cloth. The same applies to other moms who did it before you. Therefore, if you need to use the changing table, cover it with a disposable cloth, into which you will collect everything after the procedure, and throw it in the trash.

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3. Polyclinic

This may seem ridiculous, but your child may get sick after visiting a doctor. Sick kids often wipe their noses with their hands, and then they take common toys that your child may want to play with. In some clinics, they regularly treat such toys and books or provide separate zones for sick and healthy children, but most do not. Better reinsure and wash the baby's hands as soon as you leave the doctor.

4. Supermarket

No wonder. Because of the huge flow of visitors, the shops are chock full of harmful microbes on all surfaces: the floor, carts, and even the buttons of the credit card operator. The first thing most babies do when they are seated in a cart are starting to nibble at its handle, which is full of dangerous bacteria, including E. coli. Therefore, first wipe the handle of the cart, and then do not let the child out of it, taking it with a toy specially captured for this from the house. After leaving the store, wipe the handles with it with an antiseptic, or even better, leave it at home.

5. Fountains with water at school

Experts have found that some fountains have more germs than toilet seats, and the water in school toilets is cleaner than water in such fountains,.

The moral of the story is: it’s impossible to protect children from all germs, but you can mitigate the effects of contact by forcing them to wash their hands after each visit to the playground or supermarket and giving them a bottle of water from home to school.

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