Baby daddies for birth certificate

At their birth, each baby already becomes a full-fledged resident of their city, country, and receives the first document in their life that is their birth certificate. This document is not only the first, but also important in the life of each child, because before receiving a passport of a citizen of his family, he is the only document confirming the baby’s identity. Now the birth certificate goes a new sample and a non-standard form, so you can not always buy a ready-made cover for its storage. But already when you have this document on hand, you can easily make a folder for yourself with your own hands. This folder can be made absolutely any color, design, with any inscription and picture, as you see fit for your baby. So, now we will consider a master class for making such folders for the birth certificate for both the boy and the girl. For the master class we take:
  • Binding cardboard, 4 blanks of 14.5 cm by 20 cm;
  • Pink fabric in bow, mint in pea , blue and beige with stars, we take thick good cotton made in Korea;
  • White cardboard;
  • Picture with a teddy bear in a pink fur coat and a teddy bear with a star;
  • Sintepon;
  • Two My Documents chipboards;
  • Pink and blue lace;
  • Thin hat gum gray and mint;
  • Flowers knitted blue, pink, mint;
  • Ribbons for decor;
  • Bradsa ​​metal;
  • Luver sy for fixing gum and installer;
  • Paper for scrapbooking in pink and blue color;
  • Plastic corner;
  • Metallic corners, 8 pieces;
  • Glue stick, pencil, ruler, scissors, double-sided tape, glue with Scotch Effect.
 Children's daddies for a certificate
 Baby daddies for the certificate
First we start with in order to make the cover for the tight framework of binding cardboard. We take two blanks, put them, leaving a distance of about 5 mm between them.We measure the strip of cardboard 2.5 * 0.5 * 2.5 cm, we make a scoring on it and paste this strip on the billets, leaving just 0.5 cm between them.
 Children's daddies for the certificate
 Baby daddies for testimony
Well smooth and now with scissors neatly still hold big scissors ku.
Baby daddies for evidence
 Baby Daddies for a Certificate
We close and get such a solid foundation. Now we take a synthetic winterizer and glue with strips of double-sided tape.
 Baby daddies for evidence
 Baby daddies for testimony Now take the fabric and combine the colors of each other pink with mint, and blue with beige.Also cut off one strip of blue and pink 3 * 24 cm approximately, this is for the interior decoration of the folder. Also we cut two strips of lace of pink and blue.
 Baby daddies for the certificate
 Baby Daddies for a Certificate
Iron first we sew a fabric and sew fabric cuts, and then sew lace to the seams. We turn the fabric over, spread out the workpiece and with the help of glue stick, starting from the corners, we glue the fabric to the workpiece. Baby daddies for testimony
 Baby Daddies for a Certificate
Stitch both our soft blanks along the edge with a machine.
 Baby certificate daddies
Baby Daddies for a Certificate
On the back we fasten the gum for two eyelets. Now we take pictures and chips and try on the covers.We sew the pictures. We are not sticking chips yet, we’ll put them on the glue at the end.
 Baby daddies for testimonial
Children's daddies for the certificate
Now we take scrapbook. We measure two rectangles of 14 * 19.8 cm each and also two plastic rectangles for pockets.
 Baby daddies for testimony
 Children's daddies for the certificate
We lay out plastic rectangles along the edges on paper ones and stitch them.
 Baby daddies for testimony
 Children's daddies for a certificate
Now we need to paste in these rectangles are inside the covers. And now it only remains for us to glue the chips with inscriptions and a bit of decor. Folders are ready! Thank you for your attention!
 Babydaddies for testimony
 Baby daddies for a certificate

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