Baby Rocker

Is there a very active baby in your house? He has already grown significantly, looking for adventure and requires additional entertainment? Don't you have a desire to look for something in stores? And do not. From scrap materials you can always make something very necessary. Please your little tomboy: make a comfortable rocker with your own hands - it is quite easy and does not require any special material costs. And you will bring a lot of positive emotions to a little researcher with your skill. Necessary material for making a child's swing: - plywood, board or chipboard; - old mop or plastic tube; - clothesline - Drill. Stages of the performance of work: 1. From a piece of thick plywood, chipboard, boards (which is in the house) cut a square. This will be a swing seat. At the corners of the workpiece, drill four holes.
 drill four holes
2. From the handle of an old mop or plastic pipe (it doesn't matter what is available), we cut 7 sticks of such length as the seat should be,and 8 sticks shorter.
 sticks of such length
 sticks of such length
3. Drill through holes on both sides of each long stick with a drill. Short sticks must be hollow, or you need to drill a hole from top to bottom.
 drill the shelf
 set of sticks
4. We measure the distance from the place of future attachment to the desired location of the seat swing. Cut off from the underwear cord twice in two lengths of this distance, plus 20 centimeters per knots. We fold one part of the rope in half, retreating 15 centimeters from the edge of the bend, we tie a knot. The resulting loop - fastener top swing. Repeat the folding procedure with the second part of the cut rope.
5. We thread the end of the rope into the side openings of two long sticks, and we thread a short stick onto it. Then we pass the rope through the hole of the next two long sticks, again we string the short one.We pull the rope into the edge hole of the seat, tie several knots.
 collect the rocker
6. We pass the second end of this rope through the hole of a new long rod, we insert it into the free hole of the rod strung on the other end of the rope. Next - through the short stick we add a new long one, we insert into the second hole of the long stick already strung on the other end of the rope, we add a short stick. Fasten the seat with knots at the bottom. It turned out to be a "side" swing.
 we collect the rocker
Repeat with a different length of rope, turning the already attached long sticks at an angle of 90 degrees, placing them parallel to the edge of the seat.
Children's rocker
The rocker is ready to fly and is waiting for its passenger! Now there will be twice as many children's voices in your home or garden. After all, the kid will surely call all his friends to ride such a wonderful swing.

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