Badge with LED backlight

Materials and tools:

  1. 2mm acrylic;
  2. dremel or you can use laser engraving;
  3. badge sketch;
  4. LEDs;
  5. fine wire;
  6. battery.

Step 1

We draw sketches with pictures and names of participants. Cut out the blank of badges from the sheet of acrylic (see the form), the inner notch corresponds to the size of the battery; then transfer the thumbnails to the blank badges. Using dremel we will make an engraving according to sketches, you can use laser engraving.

We also make 2 holes in the workpiece for LEDs, corresponding to the shape, 8 holes for the wire.

Step 2

Take the LEDs, 2 for each badge, unscrew the wiring and insert into the corresponding holes in the badge.

Let's cut the wire into the holes on the blanks (see fig.). The wire passes through the holes diagonally - one wire goes on top of the badge, the other on the bottom, a battery will be inserted between them; as well as the wire connects "+" with "+" and "-" with "-" 2 LEDs.

At the end, we insert the battery and, in order to hold on better, we fasten using tape or glue.

Badge with LED backlightis ready.

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