Bag of old jeans

Do not dry out the flow of ideas from creative people. They always want to create something new, unusual, original. It is very interesting to sew different things from old, out of fashion or torn jeans. Especially successfully obtained bags. They can be sewn as from whole trousers, and to use for sewing absolutely small pieces left from the cut. Elements of jeans trousers, shirts and other things can also be used for sewing bags. From their use, the bags will only become more interesting and more original. See for yourself.
Bag of old jeans
1. A small handbag is sewn from denim squares of the same size. They are sewn together with a bright braid. Braid just stitched on top of the squares. This method does not create thick seams and does not complicate the sewing process. Handle bag is also trimmed with braid. In this case, the braid not only decorates the handle, but also closes the junction of the untreated edges of the fabric.
Bag of old jeans
2.The second bag is made of women's shirt. Since the shirt was decorated with embroidery, the bag turned out very elegant. With this bag you can go to the beach or go shopping. The bag is light and roomy, with two wide handles, which allows it to be loaded well. Pens will not cut the hand. If desired, such a bag can be worn on the shoulder.
Bag of old jeans
3. The next bag is sewn from the back half of denim pants. Embroidered pockets decorate the bag and can be used as intended for placing keys, transport cards, small money in them. On the bottom of the bag a silver band was put up. It is in harmony with the rhinestones on the embroidery and makes the bag brighter and more cheerful.
Bag of old jeans
4. You can sew a large bag for trips to the store or trips to the country, using a children's denim kerchief with embroidery. It is cut into two parts and sewn to the bottom of the bag. In the resulting corner, you can place the application of the skin of the deputy. Butterflies are always in a trend, the main thing is to make the appliance neatly. To the back of the bag is sewn a large pocket with a valve from the men's jeans. Bag pockets are never superfluous.

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