Bags for New Year's gifts with penguins

Bags for New Year's gifts with penguins- the preparation of gifts decorated with these wonderful embroideries is the best way to bring the holiday approach.

Materials and tools:

  1. floss thread according to the key;
  2. gray-blue linen cloth 23x23cm;
  3. cotton fabric for the backdrop 23x16cm, blue;
  4. white ribbon with polka dots, width 15cm, length 51cm.


Step 1

Before proceeding with embroidery, place the design in the center relative to the width of the fabric so that the bottom of the design is 4 cm from the bottom edge of the canvas.

When you finish all the stitches, cut the canvas with the centrally located design so that it is 16 cm wide.

Fold the canvas with the embroidered design and the cotton backing fabric with the front sides inward. Sew the sides and bottom using a 1.5 cm seam allowance.

To make a canal for the ribbon, bend around the entire perimeter of the top of the bag 1.5 cm on the wrong side, then another 2.5 cm and sew close to the tucked edge.

Turn the finished bag on the front side and iron.

Cut a few stitches of one side seam, then run the ribbon through the channel and tie a knot at both ends of the ribbon. The pouch is ready.

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