Simple apple puffs from a ready-made dough

Plain Dough Apple Puffs

Recently, the frantic pace of life makes many housewives increasingly pay attention to simple to prepare and simple recipes. After all, I want to be in time for everything - and to relax from work, and to pamper the family with delicious ones. Try using
Festive duet: pancakes with citrus escort

Holiday duet: pancakes with citrus escort

Why not specifically with oranges or grapefruits, lemons or tangerines? Because in this interpretation they are interchangeable. For example, someone thinks that mandarins are softer in taste than oranges. Brighter than lemon to taste lime. With a special
English Chocolate Cake

English chocolate cake

This recipe is a step-by-step description of a very simple and quite inexpensive cake. And although the cake is primarily chocolate, with each new preparation you can make it unique by adding candied fruits and nuts, raisins and dried apricots,
Secrets of cooking real chebureks

Secrets of cooking real chebureks

Dishes of the peoples of the Caucasus took a special place in our diet. Tasty and healthy food has never been divided by boundaries, politics and other phenomena of reality. We have always been happy to cook Georgian khinkali, Azerbaijani shah-pilaf
Gentle Cheese Donuts

Gentle Cheese Donuts

Donuts, they are donuts, one of the most popular desserts in the world. Formulations may vary for different, serving options to the table, but the basic principle is the same everywhere - these are round mini buns, fried in deep fat.
How to make four cheese pizza

How to make four cheese pizza

There was a time when pizza was a simple dish of ordinary people in Italy. However, now it is one of the most famous in the world and popular among all strata of the population dishes of Italian cuisine. At home, you can cook a simple version of this
Oatmeal Cookies

Oatmeal cookies "Lick your fingers"

A good hostess always wants to please her family with some excellent dessert. And in this case there is a recipe for oatmeal cookies, which will appeal to both adults and children. Oatmeal cookies have a delicious taste, and also contains
Easter chocolate with chocolate tops

Chocolate-Top Easter Cheesecake

In the old monastic books and home culinary notebooks stored many recipes for festive Easter cottage cheese - "ogustevogo mlek." Any of them can be strictly observed or used as a source of inspiration. The simplest version is not
Crunchy brushwood


Delicious dessert for tea drinking can be prepared quickly and easily. Crisp, fragrant brushwood will be the best reason to spend time in a friendly atmosphere over a cup of hot coffee. The only thing that the hostess needs is to knead the
Cupcake with raisins on kefir

Cupcake with raisins on kefir

My older son, just like me, loves baking with raisins and therefore quite often asks me to make a cake. In general, muffins are favorite pastry for many children, especially those made with raisins, nuts or other goodies. A
Homemade Kaleidoscope Cookies

Homemade Cookies "Kaleidoscope"

Such cookies always make us remember our childhood, when our mothers or grandmothers were engaged in baking, and we cheerfully cut out fancy figurines from dough. And then they all drank delicious herbal tea. This recipe is very simple to prepare,
The most delicious cake with sausages and cheese

The most delicious pie with sausages and cheese

When you bring up two little boys, you don’t always have time to cook original or even more complicated dishes. But sometimes you want to pamper your loved ones, and myself too, with something tasty. The recipe for this pie is me
American donut

American Donut

I searched for a good recipe for donuts for a long time, and finally found it. In addition to the recipe itself, good products should be good, flour should be top-grade, oil with a high mass fraction of fat. Yeast is generally a separate topic, high-quality yeast is a pledge
Custard pancakes on kefir

Custard pancakes on kefir

Living in our country, it's hard not to know at least one of the recipes for making pancakes. Since the calendar has a whole Maslenaya week, when at the head of the table are exactly different types of pancakes. Naturally, the best recipes are saved in the family
Lush Pancake Recipe on Kefir

The recipe for lavish pancakes on kefir

In the "Baking" section of any cookbook, there must be at least one recipe for fritters, because this dish is so popular in our country. It is perfect as a breakfast for the whole family, and also serves as an excellent dessert for tea. Have them
Honey Apple Pie

Honey Apple Pie

The traditional time for pies from apples of all stripes is the end of summer and the beginning of autumn. But even in winter, apple cakes are of particular relevance, filling the house with a heady aroma and reminding us of summer days and tea parties on the summer terrace. In this
Deep-fried donuts

Deep-fried donuts

Recently, cooking has become my favorite pastime. Cooking new and interesting dishes fascinates me and allows me to relax. Think about how interesting is the process of transforming simple products into unusual and tasty dishes. When in
Sweet Tubes with Protein Sugar Cream

Sweet rolls with protein sugar cream

Sweet pastries are always a holiday for the family. Those housewives who often indulge the household with tasty treats know that with homemade products, tea drinking is doubly tastier and more desirable. This recipe of mouth-watering tubes with a gentle cream will surprise everyone for
Easter cake

Easter Cake

Easter - the most important of the religious holidays of the year. To this day, people bake Easter cakes and paint eggs, and on Holy Sunday they meet and greet each other with the words "Christ is risen."There are many options for manufacturing
Homemade oatmeal cookies

Homemade Oatmeal Cookies

On a cool and frosty day, you especially want warmth and comfort. Homemade oatmeal cookies with seeds - perhaps the most delicious of those that can be cooked at home, without having a special culinary talent. This baking is always tasty, especially

Prague Cake

There are many recipes for Prague cake, they are all alike and at the same time do not resemble each other. But they are united by one thing. "Prague" - an incredibly delicious chocolate cake, very light in execution. Here is our recipe for the Prague cake, proven over the years. At first glance,
Confectionery cones for baking
30 063

Pastry Cones for Baking

Very popular cream cup cakes need a base on which the dough strips will be wound.You can make many different desserts from all kinds of dough, using such a conical shape as a base.
Cottage Cheese Cookies

Cottage Cheese Cookies

Cottage cheese baking has a special taste and can always be said to be popular. This simple delicacy is great for kids. Curd cookies are not very sweet, there are few calories in it, so it should be appreciated by those who are not used
Lemon Cherry Pudding

Lemon Cherry Pudding

Preparing this snack is quick and easy. You need 200 grams of sour cream, wheat flour, 4 tablespoons tablespoons, 4 eggs, 100 grams of sugar, a tablespoon of butter, lemon peel from one lemon, 50-100 grams of fresh cherries, chocolate for serving.

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