Balcony glazing in Odintsovo: signs of good and bad company

Plastic profile manufacturers say in one voice that one good profile is not enough. And that profile is only one third of the successful installation of windows, while another two thirds is attributable to installation and production. The problem of dubious executors of orders by the windows is relevant for Odintsovo, since in recent years there have been a lot of dubious operators activated. In this article we will look at the main features of a good and bad window company on the Odintsovo market.

Key Signs of a Bad Window Firm

For advice, we turned to the experts at, as one of the major operators in the Odintsovo market. It turned out that the experts had heard about the dubious schemes practiced by their competitors, and told their features.

  • "Go to sunset with a deposit." The most banal and the most, alas, effective scheme.People collect a lot of orders at a very low price, and then simply disappear, leaving people without windows and without money. The main feature of such businessmen is an overestimated amount of deposit. As a rule, it is either about 100% prepayment, or at least 80%.
  • "Garage production." Another serious problem is the violation of window making technology. In most cases, even a high-quality profile (the same Reahu) is taken and absolutely completely handlessly cut, as a result, the resulting product does not meet any requirements. Read more about what should be the modern production of structures for glazing of balconies in Odintsovo - see here.
  • "Questionable installation." To put a balcony glazing is not so easy, therefore the great experience of the master and strict adherence to technology is important. Departing from the technological requirements for sealing the seams, during the installation of the frame, during the installation of fasteners, questionable installers put the glazing, which is then blown through with all the winds and lets the fungus through.
  • "Filkina letter of commendation, not a contract." This is also a very common problem, as operators sometimes even offer to sign a standard contract,in which the parameters of the ordered window are somehow inscribed. And the contract is signed right during the visit of the measurer. In no case can one agree to this: it is important that all nuances are clearly stated in the text of the agreement.

Signs of a good company for balcony glazing in Odintsovo

In fact, if you take the previous signs and turn them inside out, you will see how a good company should look. The deposit is not more than 60%, its own automated production, experienced installers, detailed and solid contract signed in the office. Only in this way will you protect yourself from various "adventures."

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