Bamboo breadbasket

Hello dear needlewomen and needlewomen! I want to bring to your attention a master class for making bread boxes literally from scrap materials.
 Bread basket made of bamboo napkin
If you have long dreamed of such an accessory on your kitchen is like a breadbasket, but you didn’t know from what and how to do it, then after seeing this master class, you will understand that you will not need special tools and materials to make your dream come true. So let's get started. What we need at work: 1. Any bamboo napkin. 2. Strong cardboard. 3. Self-adhesive film. 4. Scissors. 5. Glue. 6. Lace. 7. Fabric. 8. Pencil ruler. 9. In the process of work, I decided to purchase a small wooden handle (it is not in the photo).
 will be required in
First you need to decide on the size of the breadbasket. Repeat the size of your bamboo napkin.My napkin is 30 cm wide. The bread box will be 28 cm wide, so that the napkin lays down beautifully on top, 17 cm high and 20 cm deep. Further it will be more clear. I cut from the bottom of the cardboard the size of 28x20 cm, front wall 3.5x28 cm. The back wall is 17x28cm and 2 side walls are 17x20 cm. Moreover, the side walls need to be rounded off so that the bamboo napkin lays down smoothly.
 paste on the outside
Now our breadbasket has become more attractive, besides, it has become much stronger. We proceed to the processing of bamboo napkins.I need to cut it into 2 parts, one of which is a boot equal to the height of the small front wall, i.e. 3.5cm.
 Let's start processing bamboo
Tip: before you cut a napkin, glue the threads that hold the napkin together at the cut point to she didn't crawl away. On that part of the napkin, which is more, we glue the fabric. Some wipes are sold with a cloth on the seamy side, in which case you can skip this step. It will be the inside. I have a transparent glue, after drying it will not be visible.
 glue the strings
And also, for a more aesthetic look, we paste over the sides of the napkin with laces. paste over the sides of the napkin with laces
Glue the lace on the other side of the napkin, which will be in front.
around m side lace napkins
We left the second part of the napkins, we cut. Glue it tofront wall of the breadbasket.
 We glue it to the front wall
We cut the threads (if you have them), and cut them, sticking lace. We've got such a neat cut.
 Crop Threads
Getting Started to the Final Stage. To the rear wall glue napkin so that it is smoothly laid down on the side portions of our bread bins, cloth downwards. At this stage, you will understand why the bread box needs to be made a couple of centimeters less in width than a napkin. Our bread box is almost ready.
 bread box is almost ready
 bread box is almost ready
It seemed to me that something was not there is enough in the first construction supermarket I bought a small pen and put it on glue.
 Breadbasket made of bamboo napkin
Now the bread bin is ready for use.
 Breadbasket made of bamboowipes
This is how it looks from the inside.
Breadbasket made of bamboo napkin

In conclusion, I want to add that the bread in such a breadbasket does not dry at all (checked).

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