Banana Crafts

Crafts from a banana for a kindergarten. These simple bananas will turn your child's breakfast or afternoon snack into real pleasure!

Banana Plane

The first banana craft we want to offer you is a plane on a plate.

Crack of bananas

Handicraft from bananas

In the manufacture of this composition, only useful products are used:

  • bananas and raisins, which will nourish the child with potassium and thereby strengthen his heart and blood vessels;
  • cottage cheese - an indispensable source of calcium, which is simply necessary for a growing baby;
  • strawberries - on standing storehouse of vitamins and organic acids.

First of all, we prepare our ingredients. Soak the raisins in warm water, wash it well. Cottage cheese is mixed with sour cream or white yogurt, add sugar or sugar powder to taste. In the strawberry we remove the tail, gently wash the berry, trying not to deform it.



Lastly, peel the two bananas, after which one of them is cut into two halves.On the plate between these halves (across) put the second banana. It turns out the cruciform design. Use solid, not overripe bananas to make the handicraft look beautiful.

 We put two bananas

We put two bananas

The tip of a banana laid across cut off. Put a strawberry here.

 We put the strawberry

We put the strawberry

After the strawberry we sprinkle a handful of raisins. And the largest raisins spread on the surface of a banana. We get a flying plane that leaves its strawberry-raisin mark in the sky. From the curd form small clouds around the plane.

That's it! This banana hack can become a full meal, and a light, original dessert, depending on how large you make the curd clouds.

 Cheese clouds and raisin smoke

Cheese puffs and raisin smoke

You can change ingredients to get a new dish. For example,Instead of raisins, you can use well soaked dried apricots, and instead of strawberries - a handful of any berries that are at your disposal. Berries can be used instead of raisins. You can put the sun out of the mandarin slices, and you can substitute cottage cheese with a thick gruel - for example, rice or manna.

Banana Leo

Another great piece of bananas is a lying lion.

For its production, we need:

  • Banana
  • Brussels sprouts
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Knife

Open the cabbage.

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