If on the Internet in any search engine enter the words [banana diet reviews], in a second there will be more than 90,000 pages with information on how to remove one or two pounds with the help of bananas, another to get rid of edemas, and the third to forget about depression. But at the same time, among the reviews of the banana diet, there are those who say the opposite: sumo wrestlers eat a lot of bananas, but can they boast a good figure? To understand the contradictory information, let's clarify a few points. A banana diet is a mono-diet, that is, to get a result, it is necessary for the time of weight loss to abandon any other products and there are only bananas. Otherwise, there will be no effect (as in sumo wrestlers). However, despite the poor diet, banana diet is considered one of the most gentle and gentle diets. It is suitable even for people who have digestive problems (obesity, gastritis, ulcers), because bananas stimulate the secretion of mucus in the stomach and contribute to the renewal of its epithelium. But be careful: with diabetes mellitus, varicose veins and frequent flatulence, such a diet is contraindicated.Of course, women are more likely to use a banana diet for weight loss, and not for the prevention of gastrointestinal diseases. And this is understandable - it allows you to lose 1 kg per day and is a real lifesaver for those who need to quickly get in shape before an important event. A banana diet is calculated for 3 days, but you need to prepare for it in advance: do not eat fatty, fried, smoked and salty. For the next three days, 1.5 kg of bananas are allowed to be eaten in six doses. They are best planned so that the last reception was three hours before bedtime. But you can drink plenty of water or tea without sugar. The results of the banana diet will be visible on the fourth day. There is one more thing to be taken seriously: fruits must be ripe, yellow, thin-skinned and of medium length. No green or dried bananas: the first contains insoluble starch, which causes strong flatulence, and secondly - five times more calories. Within three days of the banana diet, in addition to the visibly built figure, the girls noted that the bags under the eyes had greatly diminished, and in general, the state had improved, and lightness appeared.This can be easily explained: bananas contain potassium, which helps cleanse the body (eliminate toxins, slags and excess fluid), as well as magnesium, thanks to which the body is easier to cope with stress, and the mood improves.

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