Bar houses - warmth and environmental friendliness

Wood is one of the oldest materials used for individual low-rise construction, and for the construction of urban apartment buildings. And if wood is almost completely supplanted from urban construction today, then in individual construction there is another revival of interest in this material. More and more owners of their own land when designing housing choose a wooden bar as a building material.

The popularity of wooden houses is due not only to the now known desire to use environmentally friendly materials, but also to the high structural properties of the wooden beam from which the log houses are built. Thus, a construction bar provides (when used for sealing interbranch joints of high-quality insulating materials) a wooden house with excellent thermal insulation properties, often without the need to use external layers of thermal insulation materials.At the same time, despite the high thermal insulation properties, the wooden bar has a high gas permeability, which guarantees the maintenance of a comfortable microclimate in the house. And when using quality and well-dried coniferous wood, the service life of a wooden house will not only be comparable, but it may even exceed the lifetime of the shield or even brick building. It is best to use coniferous wood for the construction of houses, which thanks to resin present in its structure, has excellent moisture resistance and ensures a long life of the structure. In this case, the timber used must be dried not only completely, but also in full compliance with the technical regulations. Another advantage of wooden houses is that their appearance is limited by the size of your site and wallet. So, when contacting any construction company, you will have both finished projects of log houses and individual projects of residential buildings created by the architects of the company according to your wishes. Wood is a material that is difficult enough to use requires special skills and abilities.Nonprofessional work with wood, the use of poorly dried, inappropriate and poor-quality materials can not only significantly complicate the construction, but also negate all the advantages of a house from a bar. Therefore, before contacting a construction company, always carefully approach the choice of the developer.

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