Bar Supplies - Essential Accessories

Regardless of whether it is planned to equip a home bar or a serious restaurant section, great attention should be given not only to choosingdishes, but also to accessories that will help in creating beverages.

At first glance, it may seem that the accessories considered below are a small thing that can be purchased in anystore, however this is far from being the case. Next, we look at what tools offers to complete the bar. It is worth remembering that every little thing at hand does not just facilitate and speed up the cooking process, but also directly affects the quality of the finished product.

What is included in the list of the most necessary?

All the equipment available toprofessionalcan be divided into two main categories without any special difficulties: basic and auxiliary. The first most often the following:

  • ice makers and choppers;
  • coffee making machines;
  • mixers and blenders;
  • juicers.

Equally important are auxiliary tools, which are based on different types of shakers, jiggers, raimers, bar spoons, corkscrews and other accessories.

Shaker - an indispensable tool in the hands of a professional

It is difficult to imagine the work of a master in the preparation of cocktails without this tool. Many have repeatedly seen how bartenders masterfully mix different liquids in such a glass. It might seem that it's easier to use a conventional mixer for these purposes, but no electronics will allow you to carefully control the mixing process. Do not forget about the moment of entertainment, because during the wait many visitors are more pleasant to observe the active work of the master.

If we turn to history, the first evidence on the use of analogues of the modern shaker was found in Egypt. It was there in ancient times that lovers of unusual combinations of alcohol, juices and seasonings appeared. Now the industry uses two main types: classic and Boston. They are united by the principle of work, but they have constructive differences.

Classicrepresentsa large glass (500 or 700 ml.), a filter and a sealed cover that can be used as a measuring cup. Thisshakeris used mainly among beginners and inestablishmentswithout a large cocktail menu.

The Boston model has a simpler design. The base is a large glass with a volume of up to 800 ml. It adds all the ingredients that will be further mixed. Instead of the lid, another smaller vessel is used. It is made of the same metal as the base, but often professionals prefer glassware, which adds to the spectacle when mixed. Boston shakers can be used both in club places and in arranging home parties.

Due to the absence of any filters in the Boston shaker, an addition in the form of a strainer will be required. An interesting form of this tool includes not only a strainer, but also a small spring. Pouring a drink into a glass using a strainer can get rid of large pieces of ice and fruit pits.The pulp and finely crushed ice will fall into the glass, which often complements the original idea of ​​the cocktail.

Jiggers and bar spoons

On the shaker is not limited. In most cases, in order to achieve a certain taste it is necessary to observe the correct proportions. Most often, a measuring capacitance is used for this purpose - a jigger. It is made of stainless steel and looks like a small hourglass. Most of them contain 50 ml of liquid in the European version, respectively, a smaller one - 25. In American jiggers, volumes are smaller: 44 and 22 milliliters. In some cases, a specialspooncomes to the rescue. In addition to determining the volume, it is useful in such cases:

  • creating multiple layers in a glass
  • shredding of some products
  • opening bottles with metal stoppers.

Most often, such attributes are made of treated stainless steel, but the premium segment is full of silver options.

Other details

In addition to the elements described above, equipping a bar counter is necessary, without which it is difficult to do when decorating cocktails with fruits or berries.You will also need a special corkscrew, the design of which provides for a small blade to quickly get rid of unnecessary labels and foil that covers bottle corks. For uniform and accurate pouring of liquids into glasses, cups or shakers are responsible geysers. They must be chosen solely on the basis of comfort of use. Someone is preferable products from plastic, but most often bartenders opt for metal models.

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