Basket using the technique of volume application

Very often in the classroom with the guys we do volumetric applications. Including bouquets of different colors, made in different techniques. Today I want to share with you how to make one of the basket options for a bouquet in the technique of volumetric application.
 Basket in the technique of volume application
For the manufacture of the basket we need: • Color paper of two colors, • Ruler, supply • PVA glue, • Scissors, • Pencil. Each of the sheets of colored paper is delineated, and then cut into strips 5 mm wide and the maximum possible length. If you find ready-made paper quilling strips for sale, you can easily use them. After the strips are cut, you can start weaving the basket itself. Probably everyone in his childhood wove something like that, interlacing between strips of two colors. Therefore, I will not describe the netting itself. When you have assembled a rectangle that suits you by the size of the future basket, you can begin to give it a slightly oblique shape. To do this, the two sides of the basket should be slightly stretched, that is, create a slightly larger space between the strips, so that they do not lie close together in the weave. Basket in the technique of volumetric application
If this form suits you in shape and size, we glue all joints of strips in the following way: turn the basket face down and drip on a small drop of PVA glue on each joint. Give the basket to dry. After that, cut off all the extra strips, retreating from the weaving about 15-20 mm. The remaining tails gently bend to the wrong side of the basket and glue it with glue.
 Basket in bulk technique
To decorate the basket, as well as to make the handle, we need to wind a large number of" barrels "from the the same paper as the basket. For the "barrels" we cut the remaining strips of yellow color in half, and brown into three parts. I used a regular sewing needle to twist the barrels. Although there are special devices to work in the technique of quilling. After twisting the end of each “barrel” must be glued, otherwise everything will unwind. Glue yellow and brown “barrels”, alternating them in color, along the top and bottom of the basket.
 Basket in the technique of volume application
How it looks in volume, you can Look here in this photo.
Basket in technique of volumetric application
We glue the basket to the bouquet. For what we smear only the bottom of the basket and glue in place. When the bottom of the basket is glued, glue the sides so that the top of the basket slightly departs from the base of the application, giving the basket the desired volume. Each side of the basket is better to stick separately, letting it dry. Now we lay out the handle of the basket with the same “barrels”, also alternating them in color. For convenience, you can pre-draw a line where the basket handle will pass.
Basket in the technique of volumetric application
Our basket is ready.On the handle you can plant a bow tie or decorate it with a beautiful bow.

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