Basket of tied cord for gift wrapping

The basket from the bound cord
Often used for packaging gifts are different baskets, which if desired, you can make your own. There are plenty of basket ideas for making "gift" for a gift, however, not all of them are suitable for making containers of the right size. One of the great ideas for making baskets, as well as handbags, containers, trays and wicker dishes-trays or basics for wall panels is to tie the cord with a thinner rope or thread. The finished product is very decorative and very practical.
 Baskets from the bound cord We prepare the cord, yarn and crochet hook for work. For the manufacture of gift baskets were used: - polypropylene cord 0.7 cm thick; - yarn made of two-fold yarn,in our case, black and blue thread; - hook number 4; - satin ribbon for the bow; - transparent packaging wrapper (cellophane) - large needle with a wide eye.
Basket of tied cord
Starts knitting from the center of the bottom of the future basket. We collect 4 working loops to start knitting, close them into the ring. Then we knit the first row through the center of the resulting ringlet, for each air loop with two columns without single crochet. We also knit the second row by doubling the total number of loops.
 Basket of tied cord
From the third row we begin to weave the cord. We lay it between the previous row of knitting and the working thread and begin to tie up with double crochets, adding so many loops evenly in each row, so that when you tie a cord of your chosen thickness, you get a flat plane.
 Basket of tied cord
At the same time, we leave the working thread behind the tied cord. We form the bottom of the basket.In our case, the shape of the square was preferred, the basket should be square. Therefore, when knitting, we immediately select four corners and tie three corks with a crochet into the corner loops. Continue knitting until we get the bottom of the right size. It is best to knit a basket when the gift is already prepared, so that the packing basket falls just at the right time.
 Basket of tied cord
 Basket of tied cord
When the bottom suits us in size, we stop adding loops and continue to knit in a circle to the desired height of the basket. We take into account that when packing a gift, it does not need to be immersed in the depth of the form, it is desirable that the representative part of the gift be visible. In our packing basket was enough five rows. We cut the cord and knit after it 2 double crochets, 2 non-crochet columns and one half-column. We cut the thread and hide the tip. The interlaced cord, as a rule, has sufficient elasticity, therefore, it will strive to smooth the corners of the basket, turning it into a round one.To fix the shape, using a large needle with a wide eyelet and the same thread that we used for knitting, we sew the corners of the basket, securing the corners.
 Basket of crocheted cord
From the satin ribbon of contrasting color, we tie a bow and sew or fasten it to the side or corner of the basket.  Basket of tied cord offer packaging gift. Cellophane film for packing flowers is cut into strips 1.5 times wider than the side of our basket, the length should allow these strips to close over the gift. There should be two such bands.
 Basket of tied cord
 Baskets from a tied cord
Fold them crosswise, and fix transparent tape on the edges.
 Basket of tied cord
Place the basket with a gift in the central zone of the packaging cellophane, connect the strips on top of the gift,fix them with a stapler. The sides of the packaging can be glued with transparent tape if necessary.
 Trumpet made of knitted cord
The upper part of the package is finished with a ribbon from any suitable ribbon. That's all, the gift is packed and ready for gift.
 Basket of crocheted cord

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