Bathroom color solutions

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When it comes to color ideas for a bathroom, you must remember that the color scheme consists of more than one tone. If you look at the photos, you will see that the color combinations consist of the color of the walls and the main details in the bathroom: cabinets, countertops, flooring, shower curtains, bath and shower. Below I will share tips on how to create a well-defined color palette for your bathroom.

Bathroom Color Solutions

Bathroom Color Solutions

Bathroom Color Solutions

Bathroom Color Solutions

Bathroom Color Solutions

Bathroom Color Solutions

Bathroom Color Solutions

Color Solutions for the Bathroom

Color Solutions for the Bathroom

Bright colors in the bathroom

The popular color schemes for bathrooms are beige, white, and light gray.If you want to use bold colors such as purple, you can do this as follows:

1) Paint all the wallsin the color you want.

2) Paint one wallin the color you chose (say purple). This is usually the wall where the washbasin is located. The remaining walls are painted in a neutral color - white, gray or cream.

3) The last optionis to create a bathroom style using details. We paint the walls in a neutral color, and the main color will be present on the details - a blue shower curtain, a blue mirror frame or blue towels.

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Divide and conquer

For a more refined design of the bathroom, separate the walls using a casing or decorative tile, as shown in the photos(1) (3) (7) ( 8) and (9). It will also help to visually enlarge the bathroom space.

Another tip, using light tones is(2) (3) (7) and (9), these are the best palettes for small bathrooms.

Working with what is

Elements that occupy a significant place in the bathroom will play a large role in the style, design and color scheme of the room. Look around and find the key elements - cabinets, countertops, mirrors, shower curtain ...

You will need to either remodel the bathroom to suit the color palette you choose. Or you will need to use a color palette that fits in this style of bathroom.

Suppose you want a red color scheme for your bathroom. But you have blue tiles. You either have to completely tear down the tiles in the bathroom or work with what you have and select the color scheme to match the tile.

Last tip

Look at the photos(1) and (9). According to the designers, they are absolutely identical in color. That is why you cannot rely solely on photos on the Internet. Lighting in the bathroom, camera settings and computer displays can change the colors in photos.That is why we advise you to leave the house and personally select the palette for your bathroom.

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